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Enjoy the Wonders of Singaporean Food
By:Travel Expert

Singapore, a tiny however entertaining island located on the Asian continent comes along with innovative and delicious recipes to take advantage off. Tourists and dwellers alike have managed to enjoy its traditional touch, but also its compelling variety. From the most appetizing Singaporean meals to Indian, Chinese and even European assortments, one can find on the island plenty of opportunities when it comes to dining. Decide to try out something new, get ready to be surprised by the delicious taste of sea food and experiment genuine Asian dishes.

Nonya is identified as one of Singapore’s main type of food. Combining Malay with Chinese, Nonya food is all about spice mixing and additives like galangal, ginger and turmeric. The people will surely be thrilled to savor the aromatic tastes of the pandan leaf, as well as the laksa leaf and the fragrant lime. As for main ingredients, chefs usually use shrimp pasta, candlenuts and shallots, and also chilies.

In order to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the result, tamarind and green mangoes are also used. When it comes to desert, some of the most appreciated ones are made of rice, sweet potato and sugar and coconut milk.

And since Singapore’s position on the map makes everything possible, Halal food is another innovative type of food. Combining Muslim with Malay traditional ingredients, the result is mostly preferred in the Padang region of Singapore. Nevertheless, Nasi Padang is known as a specific cooking style originally from Sumatra and truly a must for travelers. Some of the main dish courses when it comes to Halal food are rojak, mee goreng, and mutton soup among others.

Occasionally, people might also want to try out vegetarian food which is actually quite developed in Singapore. Mostly influenced by Indian recipes and Chinese, this type of food has started to win ground really fast. Known to be healthy, as well as tasty, there are plenty of dwellers who love vegetables.

Singaporean seafood is another favorite type appreciated by the people. Some of the most famous recipes are actually based of fish. Chili crabs, drunken prawns, black pepper crabs and deep fried baby squids are just some of the most delicious recipes prepared by professional Singaporean chefs. In addition, every tourist should try out at least once the delicious lobster together with the barbequed sting ray from the banana leaf.

The diversified ingredients and the multitude of techniques in the kitchen have made Singaporean food truly delightful. Whether you’re a tourist or a dweller, you have to taste them because there’re actually incredible. And although the island is keen of tradition, you’ll also come across the inspired cuisine. Using various strategies and ingredients from other countries as well, Singapore has managed to come up with with an array of worldwide recipes appreciated by everyone.

The food diversity of Singapore comes from the multi-cultural effect of the island. Influenced by the Indians, the Indonesians, the Malay and the Chinese, Singapore has succeeded to come up with its own pattern when it comes to food. For this matter, travelers should be opened to diversity and attempt even the most peculiar and unusual dishes, because they might actually like it.

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