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A relaxing Visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens
By:Travel Expert

The Botanical Gardens in Singapore are a great place for relaxation. In addition, those interested will also have the opportunity to appreciate the genuine plant life, as well as the indigenous species. Opened 365 days a year, one will surely find comfort in the 63, 7 hectares of natural oasis.

Featuring widespread natural world, soothing ambiance and beautiful scenery, the Botanical Gardens are certainly a recommended place to explore every time you think about visiting Singapore. Starting from 5:00am in the morning, entering the location is free of charge for every traveler; the only section visitors will have to pay for is the National Orchid Garden. The setting is full of color, unique species where photographing and admiring the landscape is completely free.

The formation of the gardens started off with Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore and a fan of nature. Hence, he managed to develop an experimental patch, which was to become the Singapore Botanical Gardens after 30 years. The mission of the first garden was to take care of the crops that used to cultivate vegetables and spices. Closed in 1829, the croft reopened in 1859.

Some of the best attractions of the Singapore Botanical Garden include The National Orchid Garden, which is the main one. The collection exceeds 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids which every tourist will be more than thrilled to appreciate.

As part of the Botanical Garden, The Rainforest is an additional attraction not to be missed. Extended on 6 hectares, the tropical rainforest is known to be older than the lawn itself. The wildlife of the gardens features an Evolution Garden as well. Tourists will have the opportunity to have a closer look at the story of vegetation on earth over the years. Some more sections of the Botanical Gardens also include, The Children's Garden, Ginger Garden and Botany Centre and Tanglin Gate.

Regarding entertainment throughout the gardens, tourists will have the chance to appreciate the 3 lakes: Eco-Lake, Swan Lake and Symphony Lake, which sometimes holds concerts on weekends. For visitors who need a break, there are various bistros in the area as well. Cafe Les Amis, Halia Restaurant and Au Jardin Les Amis are just some of them. A gift shop is also available for those interested to purchase a memory from the Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

As for future plans concerning the development of the attraction, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Parks Board declared that the croft will suffer an extension of another 11 hectares. Investing over 30$ milion in the new development, future gardens will be added to the exiting space. The Healing Garden, Foliage Valley, Terrace Garden, Fragrant Garden, and Ethnobotany Garden will be the outlook attractions. The Botanical Gardens is more like a family location because it’s refreshing, calm and peaceful. Regarding the best time to come, usually during the spring season when all flowers start blooming, or throughout the summer is the best time to pay a visit.

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