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Smooth Traveling to Asia
By:Travel Expert

If you are traveling to Asia, you will initially want to learn a few facts about this amazing continent. First, it is so large that it occupies a quarter of the earth's land mass. Second, it spans several time zones, so when you say you are going to "Asia" you need to be a little more specific. It is almost impossible to see all of Asia, so as you make your plans, you need to figure out exactly which areas appeal most to you. There are certain hot spots where people enjoy traveling, so following are a few ideas.

Vietnam has become quite the tourist destination. Of course most people want to go to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which was a focal center during the Vietnam War. Although modernized now, just the history of these popular cities attracts people from all over the world. You will need a tourist Visa before entering most of Vietnam. Indonesia is another hot spot, more specifically the Island of Bali. Interestingly, you can bring almost anything to Bali except for CD players, which are prohibited.

Thailand draws a lot of tourists every year as well. It is a very religious country, and citizens follow strict rules concerning some actions, like not touching anyone on the head. The king is absolutely vital to the people of Thailand and must never be mocked or made fun of. Then you have Malaysia, which has been modernized as well. Also a very religious nation, it is a great destination for people who enjoy warm weather and great food.The Philippines is a tourist attraction in itself because of the great beaches and islands - 7,107 to be exact. Manila, the capital, has deep historical roots and offers a wealth of learning experiences throughout.

Any one of these countries is amazing on its own, but if you can plan a vacation and travel to a few of them, you will be even more thrilled with what you find. Each country, though, has its own currency, so you need to come prepared in advance. As with any country to which you are traveling, it is important to learn a little of the local customs and laws. The more you know, the more apt you are to fit in rather than stand out like a sore thumb, which can be very disconcerting to the Asian government authorities. They take pride in their countries and expect you will as well.

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