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Advantages of First Aid to You and Your Students
By:Kevin Gardner <kevgardner83@gmail.com>


If you are planning to learn first aid skills for personal reasons or for your students, first aid training is essential. Nowadays, medical emergencies are things you can never avoid, but the fact that you have first aid knowledge makes it less serious. The minutes you give your family member medical attention before an ambulance arrives may be the difference between life and death. Therefore, here are some reasons why knowing first aid could benefit you and your family:

  1. An accident may occur anytime

No one knows what the future holds. Accidents happen anytime and anywhere. A misfortune might hit you at work, home, or while playing. Some injuries may be fatal while others may be minimal. The fact that accidents can happen to anyone at any time shows the importance of first aid training.

  1. Home safety.

If you have a family, learning first aid makes you relax since you can be able to deal with any emergency. Since you love your family members, you always have that drive to protect them against danger. If you have young children, first aid is important for you because they are at risk of injuries and illnesses.

  1. Improving chances of survival

Once an accident has happened, the first few minutes are important to the victim. The treatment given to the patient during this period can save his or her life. A good example is a cardiac arrest. Most people who suffer from cardiac arrest outside a hospital tend to die. According to statistics, only 5 to 10% survive. However, if you have ACLS certification, you can be able to provide instant CPR and defibrillation. If you can be able to do that, you can save a life. These are some examples of life-saving techniques that can salvage a life and death situation.

  1. You will be able to respond fast

Response time is key when it comes to incidents that require first aid. Most, if not all injuries need instant care. Having a first aid manual is necessary, but once an accident occurs, you do not have time to read it. If you know first aid, you have all the life-saving strategies in your mind. In case of an emergency, you can respond quickly and effectively.

  1. Your confidence will be improved

When an emergency occurs, people do not react effectively. The problem is that most people panic and end up not doing anything. In some cases, people avoid touching the victim because they think they might do the wrong thing and cause more damage. Such reactions cause delays. First aid training gives you the chance to learn what to do if an accident occurs. As a result, you will be able to overcome any of the fears. Once you drop fear, you react with confidence and composure.

  1. Safety for your babies

If you have children, or you are taking care of children, knowledge of first aid is crucial. First aid for children is different because they do not have the ability to express themselves in case of a problem. Once you learn infant-care first aid, you will able to know what signs to look for and how to respond. Therefore, as you learn first aid, make sure you understand what to do with kids and adults since they are different. By doing this, you increase your chances of saving people of any age in an accident.


Having a basic understanding of first aid at home or your place of work can be the difference between life and death. If you have not yet taken first aid training, you should enroll immediately. Such knowledge can help you recognize an emergency and deal with it instantly before a professional arrives at the scene.

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