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Classroom Management - Frazzled Teachers Need To Work their Classroom Zones
By:Sandra Perez

Did you know that your classroom has different zones of classroom behavior? That you can control them by using a very easy and simple strategy? This easy strategy is used by veterans teachers everyday. When observing this strategy it seems that they are not doing anything, but for classroom management it make a world of difference. We are talking about the proximity of the teacher to the students in the different zones of the classroom. Where you stand in the classroom will affect the behavior of your class. You need to work the room or walk the room so that you are always changing the zones of proximity.

Your classroom has three zone:

Zone one are the students closes to the teacher. These students of course will behave because of the proximity of the teacher to them.
Zone two are the students who are in between zone one and zone three. The students that are in this zone may behave or not. It will depend on if you are giving them enough attention . They usually act up when you are helping another student and you forget to look up to check them They know that you have become busy helping that student so it 's time to misbehave because of your proximity to them.
Zone three are the students farthest from you and the ones who have the greatest opportunity to misbehave.

How can you see this information to help you in classroom management? You have to keep your students guessing as to where the different zones will be. As you work the classroom by walking around you are changing the zones and you are keeping the students from staying in any zones for any length of time. When teachers are working the classroom, just switching the direction that you are facing will change the zone of the students in your classroom.

So remember to walk your classroom so the proximity is always changing. Keep thoses students always guessing.

Written by a veteran teacher of 32 years who hopes to give new teachers tried and true strategies that work. Come join me at http://www.squidoo.com/classroomanagement and look for the educationfairy.

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