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For Teachers: 3 Super Easy Detox Drinks to Survive the Day

Awww, do you know that feeling, too? Your head is spinning from noisy kids, never-ending home assignments, and sense of hunger that you got used to. If you are lucky, your 5-minute lunch consists of cold coffee and yesterday’s half-eaten banana.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Whether you are teaching 1st graders or those who are just about to hit the road of an adulthood, these 3 easy to follow detox drink recipes will help you stay refreshed all day long. Besides, it’ll take you only 5 minutes a day to prepare any of these magic waters because the ingredients are simple and are probably on your grocery list already.

Oh, and don’t forget to invest in a good water bottle that would both fit your hand and your bag.

Recipe 1.

    Cucumber – hydrates your body
    Lemon – flushes out your toxins
    Grapefruit – burns your fat

Fill your bottle with water by 2/3, add sliced cucumber, pieces of grapefruit, and squeeze juice of a lemon inside. When done, place the bottle in the fridge and let it stay there overnight. This truly refreshing drink will help you get rid of toxins and stay fit. Enjoy!

Recipe 2.

    Apple – flushes out toxins
    Cinnamon sticks – stabilizes blood sugar and boosts your metabolism

Put your favorite type of an apple cut in thin slices into your bottle. Add 2-3 cinnamon sticks inside and leave in the fridge so the ingredients share their nutrients. This detox drink is especially good to fight the afternoon snooze.

Recipe 3.

    Orange – flushes out your toxins
    Blueberry - flushes out your toxins and provides long satiety

Add thin slices of the unpeeled oranges into your bottle. Squeeze blueberries in a separate bowl, add them to the sliced oranges, fill up with water, and place the drink into the fridge. It’ll turbocharge you with energy and help you handle your busy schedule.

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