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Traits of an Effective Online Teacher

Online ESL teaching is a growing industry for people who have the passion for both teaching and the English language. It is also open for people who are looking for either part-time or full-time work. The ever-growing demand for online teachers has presented private businesses with the opportunity to fulfill their desire to aid people in their goal to learn this language and to earn money at the same time. That is also why ESL companies are always on the lookout for the best teachers who can help them in accomplishing such goals.

But what makes a good and efficient online ESL Teacher?

For English teachers, proficiency in the language is not the only way to measure their competence.

Different factors such as teaching techniques and attitude play crucial roles in conducting a successful class. Below is a list of desirable traits that any student will appreciate with their instructor:

Expertise/Mastery of the subject

It is a given fact that instructors must be knowledgeable in their subject content. Not only does this allow the teacher to quickly and simply answer the student’s questions, it also builds confidence for both the instructor and pupil.

Computer skills

This doesn’t mean that the individual has to be an expert on computers. The job simply requires for the instructor to be able to navigate the basic tools and functions that they will frequently use, such as search engines, Skype, and the teaching websites, as well as to be comfortable in using them. Since the majority of companies in this industry provide information and basic training, this should not be an issue for most.


Not all students have the same skill level and not all of them can pick up a concept as quickly as the other. Furthermore, technical issues do occur from time to time and so instructors must have enough patience and remain calm in order to deal with such incidents.

Encouraging attitude

The best teachers in whatever setting can encourage and bring out the best in their students. A teacher must know when and how to provide feedback, corrections, and encouragements, as well as to ask and answer questions. Simply put, a teacher’s attitude will in fact greatly influence the student’s learning.


Every learner is different and so a teacher must be prepared to handle varying types of personalities, skill levels, and situations. An instructor must be flexible enough to be able to adjust to different teaching styles and contents in order to deliver the best lesson to the student.

Reading all of this, the amount of effort that teachers exert might seem daunting; however, teaching is also an extremely rewarding career and it is good to always remember that an educator is ultimately a part of every student’s success.

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