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School:Marco Polo Academy <marcopoloacademy@gmail.com>

Our Mission – Set sail to your future (办学宗旨-全面提高,深度融入)

Our Academy (BSDI#: 666030) opened its doors to international students February 2016 with the goal of preparing students for university admission in Canada and abroad. Equally important, we prepare young men and women to become informed and responsive global citizens. (马可波罗学院(学编号:666030)于2016年2月开始招收国际学生。学秉承“全面发展,深度融入”的办学宗旨,不仅致力于帮助学生被理想大学录取,而且帮助学生在各方面适应西方社会,成为具有世界眼光的国际公民。)

Our students are challenged to reach their full academic potential in a safe environment while learning a rigorous curriculum and where emphasis is placed on evaluating information to gain knowledge, and a deeper understanding of each subject area. Students learn to work independently, acquire the necessary skills in communication, problem solving, IT literacy, creativity and consider interpretations to arrive at their own informed opinions to develop new understandings and perspectives. (在我们创 的安全稳定的学 环境中,学生们将最大程度上发挥出他们的学术潜力,学 丰富的知识,拓展学术深度。同时获得关于独立学 和解决问题、交流、创 等能力。这些知识和能力将会增进他们对于世界的了解、认知和掌控力,从而立学生在近期与长期中的优势。)

While students pursue post-secondary admission in many areas of study, the arts focus program will also prepare students to pursue their interests in the arts. The arts@marcopoloacademy offers specialized programs in dramatic arts, dance, music and visual arts. We are committed to the development of artistic skills and practice while the students are engaged and follow a complete and balanced academic curriculum. (我们的艺术项目在帮助学生进入优秀大学的同时,也帮助他们铺就未来的艺术道路。arts@marcopoloacademy 艺术特长项目提供舞蹈、音乐、绘画、戏剧和其他视觉艺术方向的特长生专业项目。在艺术特长项目中,学会提供平衡安排的学术课程与艺术课程,使学生能在完成学术必须学分的同时得到充分的艺术技巧与实践。)

Students are supported in their academic and co-curricular pursuits through setting annual goals and regular one-on-one contact with their Teacher Advisors and their Counsellors. Teacher Advisors meet daily with students to support and monitor academic, social and personal development, while Counsellors work closely with students to explore future educational, personal and career goals and to help students meet these goals. (学安排班主任和升学指导老师观察追踪每位学生的学 、生活情况并定期一对一与学生谈话。班主任会每天与学生见面,支持学生的学 、生活与社交发展。升学指导老师也会保持与学生的密切接触,帮助学生确立短期与长期的学 目,探索未来职业选择,并提供生活、心理咨询。)

Students set an example for each other and are encouraged to contribute as leaders through formal and informal leadership roles in student council, teams, community programs, and clubs. We remain committed to each student and their success. (学成立学生会与各类活动小组,并与社区合作开展社区服务项目,为学生在课内外活动中发展领导力提供机会。学子如舟,学如海。我们的学为学生提供最佳的学 环境,最全面的生活保障,帮助学生乘风远航,远渡重洋,达到梦想的彼岸。)

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