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New York - Buffalo
School:Buffalo Seminary

The mission of Buffalo Seminary is to provide a superior education for young women within a vigorous and participatory environment which emphasizes development of character, intellectual independence, creativity, service, and leadership for life.

Since 1851, Buffalo Seminary has empowered young women to take their place in an ever-evolving society. As a college preparatory school, Buffalo Seminary seeks to develop its students' intellects, widen their perspectives, encourage active community involvement, and equip them for dynamic and purposeful lives. The curriculum is designed to ensure that the students of Buffalo Seminary will be well grounded in all of the traditional disciplines. Within these disciplines, students are inspired to pursue patterns of rigorous thought, fruitful reflection, and clear expression as skills essential to a process of lifelong learning.

The program at Buffalo Seminary encourages students to recognize that every area of intellectual, cultural, and athletic endeavor is accessible. The required core provides Seminary graduates with experience in the humanities and in the arts and sciences, and offers them opportunities to develop proficiencies that will enable them to adapt in a world of rapid technological change. The richly varied program instills a lifelong appreciation for all of the fine arts and an expectation that physical activity will be a continuing part of students' lives.

Nonsectarian since its founding, Buffalo Seminary provides a setting in which mutual respect is a fundamental principle around which students learn to value people from diverse backgrounds and to accept others on their merits. Having developed this appreciation and awareness, they will be better equipped, as adults to help forge connections across diverse communities. The social and academic honor system reflects the school's moral atmosphere with its expectation of trust, integrity, and respect.

As an all-girls' school, Buffalo Seminary is philosophically committed to full equality for women. Its mandate is to awaken students to the opportunities available to women, and the school strives to make its students proud of their ability to shape their society rather than be controlled by it. Buffalo Seminary fosters in its young women strong convictions and the ability to stand alone - if neccessary - for what they believe is right. These are the women of the twenty-first century; it is the school's intention to prepare them as they take their places as citizens and leaders in this exciting, challenging time.

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