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Washington State - Spokane
School:Spokane Community College - International Programs

Spokane Community College's International Programs have attracted students from around the world. At SCC, these students have successfully completed their educational goals and have earned degrees that enabled them to work or further their education at four-year colleges and universities.

English Language Program:
The purpose of Spokane Community College's Intensive English Language Program (IELP) is to raise the student's English proficiency quickly, so that the student can enroll in regular credit-earning college courses. The program is designed to improve the full range of English language skills: reading, speaking, and listening.

By completing the IELP, the student receives an unconditional acceptance to Spokane Community College without having to submit a TOEFL score.

Service Learning
The student may also participate for up to one hour per week in Service Learning in the Spokane community. Service Learning is a rewarding way of learning through which students can improve their English by community volunteering. Students are placed in various locations (schools, hospitals, businesses, government offices, volunteer agencies, etc.) and can interact with Americans concerning real, important issues on a regular basis. All students in the IELP have the opportunity to participate in Service Learning, and all placement is under the strict supervision and control of Spokane Community College.

IELP Admissions Process
The student's program in the IELP begins upon arrival to campus. At that time, the student is administered a language placement examination that measures English language ability in two primary areas: listening comprehension and reading comprehension. Currently, the IELP is using the Secondary Level English Proficiency test (SLEP) as its placement examination. Visit the TOEFL Web site for more SLEP description and details.

At Spokane Community College, the results of the placement test are used to determine the student's entry level in the IELP. This determination is made by the director of the IELP. No entering student is guaranteed a placement level in the IELP based on apparent English proficiency, letters of recommendation, or diplomas from other language programs. The placement test is the primary determinant of entry level for the IELP.

IELP Progress Levels
SCC's IELP has four levels: 50, 60, 70, and 80 level. Students progress to the next higher level at the completion of each level. Students exit the program by completing the requirements of the 80 level. In most cases, students are encouraged to enroll in 90's level bridge classes to further enhance their English proficiency. Students completing these 90 level bridge classes receive regular college credit.

After exiting the IELP and prior to the commencement of regular college classes, students receive a second examination: the ASSET test. Visit the ASSET Web site for more information. The ASSET test measures a student's writing, reading, and numerical skills, and is administered to ALL incoming students both resident and international. The results of the ASSET test are used to determine at what level each student may enroll in specific academic courses in the college. For example, a high score on the numerical portion of the ASSET test may allow the student to enroll in higher-level mathematics courses at SCC.

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