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Utah - Ephraim
School:Snow College International Center - ESL Program

The ESL Program:
Snow College has one of the best English language centers in the Western United States. With its small classes, convenient campus, and excellent teachers, Snow College offers some real advantages over larger schools.

Snow College ESL classes are divided into four levels. Students attend classes five days a week for four or five hours a day. At Snow you will improve your skills in pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. At the most advanced level, there are courses in literature, library and internet research, American studies, and test taking. Snow's ESL Department also offers instruction in note taking, using computers, U.S. government, classroom culture, using the library, and TOEFL preparation.

Snow College is also located only a short drive from some of the most spectacular outdoor recreation areas in the Western United States. Skiing, fishing and camping, golf, river rafting, mountain climbing - all of these activities are available. Through the Field Trip and Activities program, interested students can really explore the natural beauty of Utah!

Mission Statement
The international student is unique in that she/he is trying to learn in a new culture and understand a new language, all while participating in a new educational system. It has been established that this is one of the most stressful situations in human experience. We believe that stress and apprehension inherent in this situation can be great barriers to academic achievement. The Snow College International Center assists international students in achieving their educational goals and helps them maintain their legal status while they are studying at Snow College. Our goals are to help minimize stress and apprehension, and facilitate an emotional and psychological climate conducive to their adjustment and achievement. We also develop programs to promote international education on our campus.

Since its inception at Snow College in 1978, the priorities of the International Program have been:
To provide a quality ESL program for non-native speakers of English.
To provide services relating to admission, counseling, academic life, and the general success of international students attending Snow College.
To promote cooperative programs with the local community with special reference to the business community, local service groups and organizations, K-12 teachers and students.
To encourage and foster programs involving American students and international students together.
To promote international and multicultural understanding on campus through a variety of educational and cultural programs such as International Week and the International Club.
To promote selective international educational linkages with other countries with a view to creating opportunities for faculty and students to participate in direct exchange programs.
To offer opportunities for study and travel abroad.
To help strengthen and internationalize the curriculum.

The International Center works with faculty, committees, departments, student services, community organizations, external agencies, and overseas institutions in the fulfillment of its mission and goals.

ESL Course Descriptions:
The ESL curriculum is divided into four levels, with the courses in levels 1, 2, and 3 generally organized by skill area. Listening, reading, writing, grammar, and conversation are taught at each of these levels. In addition, American Culture is taught in Level 2. At the highest level, the focus of each class is more on academic skills: literature, library and internet research, American Studies, and test taking. The ESL program is an integrated skills program; any given course will require students to use all their language skills. Students in the ESL program are in classes five to six hours a day.

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