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Kansas - Pittsburg
School:Pittsburg State University - Intensive English Program

The mission of the Intensive English Program is to help international students to achieve their academic and professional goals through the development of their English language skills.

The IEP is a full-time program featuring four eight-week sessions during the academic year and one eight-week session during the summer. Classes are offered at six levels, from beginning to advanced. Students spend approximately 20 hours per week in class, taking courses in grammar, reading, listening/speaking, writing, and academic preparation. The program is flexible, and every effort is made to meet individual student needs.

The successful completion of the highest level of the Intensive English Program (Academic Preparation Course) is the equivalent of a 550 TOEFL score and can be substituted for the TOEFL requirement.

All members of the Intensive English Program faculty hold at least a master's degree in teaching English as a foreign language. The instructors are full-time faculty with teaching experience both in the United States and overseas. Most faculty members have successfully mastered a foreign language, making them aware of the language learning process that their students face.

Classes Intensive English Program (IEP)

There are six levels of classes offered in the Intensive Engish Program.

Level 1 - Elementary

Level 2 - Pre-Intermediate

Level 3 - Intermediate I

Level 4 - Intermediate II

Level 5 - Advanced

Level 6 - Academic Preparation Course


In Levels 1 through 5, students study a minimum of 20 hours per week according to the following schedule:

Grammar - 5 hours

Reading - 5 hours

Writing - 5 hours

Listening/Speaking - 5 hours

Level 6, Academic Preparation Course, is a special course designed to meet the needs of students who plan to study at Pittsburg State University. Students can meet the English language requirement of P.S.U. by successfully completing Level 6. Necessary skills include note-taking, listening to lectures, reading a college level textbook, taking quizzes and tests, studying and writing a research paper. All are taught in the context of an actual general studies course. The schedule is:

Text/Lecture - 10 hours

Research Paper Writing - 10 hours


Provided all conditions as outlined in the I.E.P. Student Handbook are meet, it is possible for conditionally admitted students in Levels 5 and 6 to take a 3 credit hour undergraduate level academic class. Special arrangements and payment must be made.

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