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Texas ISD School Guide

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New York - Brooklyn
School:Pratt Institute - Intensive English Program (IEP)

The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides academic English language instruction to matriculated graduate and undergraduate students. In addition, two certificate programs run under the IEP’s umbrella: the full-time Certificate (CEP) and Summer (SCP) Programs. The mission of all programs in the IEP is to support successful matriculation of international students by providing appropriate English language instruction. Internal assessment and advisement ensures students’ proper placement in English language courses, as well as successful matriculation and degree attainment. The curriculum includes art, design, and architecture content and is enhanced by direct exposure to related cultural experiences and language-learning technology.

Intensive English Program Courses
IEP courses are intended for matriculated students at Pratt. The content of all IEP courses has an art and design focus or centers on topics of interest to artists and designers.

IEP Level 6: Speaking and Listening Focus
An integrated-skills intermediate-level course that aims to develop speaking and listening skills in particular. Students listen to authentic materials such as films, websites, and lectures (live or recorded) and work on giving effective presentations using PowerPoint, visual aids or handouts,. They do some reading and writing as well, but these are not the main focus of the class.

IEP Level 6: Reading and Writing Focus
An integrated-skills intermediate-level course that aims to develop reading and writing skills in particular. Students read authentic materials such as essays, novels, magazine and newspaper articles, and textbooks, and work on reading skills such as faster reading, inference, and vocabulary development. They also work on improving their composition and research skills. They do some speaking (including formal presentations) and listening as well, but these are not the main focus of the class.

IEP Level 7: Academic Skills
An integrated-skills advanced-level course in which students – primarily undergraduates preparing for freshman English courses -- develop their ability to do university-level work in English. They focus on critical reading skills, give sophisticated presentations using PowerPoint, visual aids or handouts, write research and argument papers, and listen to authentic materials and lectures (both live and recorded).

IEP Level 7: Art History Link
Students in this course, who are all undergraduates, are enrolled simultaneously in a regular art history course. The teacher works with the art history professor to develop assignments to support the students with the reading, writing, and listening demands of the art history course.

IEP Level 7: Thesis Writing
In this class, graduate students work intensively and independently with their instructors to develop their writing, research, and citation skills. They focus on working with secondary sources, paraphrasing, summarizing, and using appropriate style sheets.

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