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Texas ISD School Guide

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California - San Diego
School:San Diego State University - American Language Institute

Who Should Take This Program?

The IEC program is designed for students and professionals at all levels who want to develop and improve their practical English skills for a variety of purposes including:
- Communicating with people from around the world
- Using English professionally
- Teaching English
- Using English internationally in travel and social situations
- Program Highlights

Interaction with Native Speakers
IEC students have the opportunity to practice their English speaking and listening skills and to improve their knowledge of American culture by interacting with native speakers inside the classroom. The ALI's Student Life Office can help students make contact with native speakers outside the classroom.

TOEIC Workshops
For students who are interested in taking the TOEIC during their studies in the IEC program, we offer workshops and classes to help students prepare for and improve their TOEIC score.

Observing University Courses
High-intermediate and advanced students can receive assistance from IEC advisors in arranging observations of university courses in areas of interest. With the permission of the SDSU professor, IEC students can observe classes and interact with SDSU students and professors in university classrooms.

Sports and Conversation Club
Students can practice social conversation with an IEC instructor while playing sports such as soccer, tennis, and basketball.

Level Advisors
Each IEC level has an advisor who helps students with the following: informing students of program procedures, deadlines, and policies; keeping students up-to-date on social activities and events; and referring students to office personnel for assistance with visa and passport issues, housing, accounting, social activities, etc.

Testing and Placement
The IEC program offers instruction in all levels from beginning to advanced. Students are given individual speaking tests as well as tests that assess their level in grammar, reading, writing, and listening. Students are then placed in appropriate classes for their speaking level and also for their grammar, reading, writing, and listening levels.

Eight hours per week of instruction in Oral Communications (OC) classes, aimed at improving fluency, listening comprehension, oral grammar, and pronunciation, as well as developing confidence in spoken English skills for situations such as business, travel, and social interaction.
Students in OC classes interact with instructors and with assistant teachers who model appropriate speech to improve students' speaking skills and help to promote intercultural understanding.

In addition, students take 12 hours of courses in listening comprehension, grammar, reading, and writing that develop communicative English skills used in professional, social, and practical situations.

High-intermediate and advanced students who want to improve their knowledge of business concepts, vocabulary, and idioms can choose to follow a business track leading to a specialized Business English Certificate. Class choices may include Business Discussions, Business Readings, and Business Through Video.

Advanced students have the opportunity to customize their schedule by choosing classes which focus on a variety of English skills and interests, including oral presentations, U.S. culture and the news, and multimedia and the arts.

Accent Modification
The ALI offers its students personalized articulation and accent modification training. In addition to the ALI's daily speaking classes and pronunciation electives, the ALI Pronunciation Clinic runs throughout the year and is open to all current students.

Individuals are initially assessed and evaluated by a certified ESL pronunciation specialist. Then using specialized software, customized audio/video lab assignments, and teacher-created materials, students receive one-on-one instruction in order to meet individualized pronunciation and fluency goals. Articulation of vowels and consonants, intonation, stress, rhythm, and linking are all taught and practiced.

Increased intelligibility and self-confidence will greatly benefit business professionals and current/ prospective university students alike. This accent modification assistance is available to all ALI students enrolled in full-time programs at no additional cost.

Short-Term IEC
New IEC students may begin their studies after the term begins at a weekly rate for three weeks or longer. This is a full-time program (23 hours per week) that requires a student visa. Flexible entry starting dates are listed on ALI Calendar & Fees. Students may extend their stay into the next session for a minimum of three weeks into that session.

Vacation IEC
International tourists in San Diego may wish to take part-time English classes during their visit. Students may enter the IEC program on any of the entry dates listed. This program is limited to 12 hours per week, either mornings or afternoons. Morning classes are skill-based (reading, writing, listening, and grammar), while afternoon classes focus on speaking fluency. Contact the ALI for details.

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