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Florida - Gainesville
School:University of Florida -

Intensive English Program

The ELI offers English classes which are designed according to the latest research in teaching English as a second language. You will have the opportunity to:

Select programs that vary from 6-14 weeks in length. ( See Calendar )
Take classes in reading, writing, grammar, academic listening/speaking, preparation for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and pronunciation.
Choose electives, such as Business English, Conversation Strategies, US Culture, at advanced levels when enrollment allows.
Start at your own level in each skill, whether beginning, intermediate or advanced.
Progress to a higher level at the end of each session.
Learn from highly qualified instructors. Our excellently trained teachers are our biggest strength.
Study in small classes, averaging 12 students.
Design your own full-time programs between 23 to 33 hours per week.. (Part-time programs are also available for persons who do not need an I-20 from the ELI.)
Learn word processing and Internet usage in upper level reading/writing classes and other selected speaking classes.
Take a free institutional TOEFL, which will allow you to enter the University of Florida.

The ELI of the University of Florida is, so far as we know, the only English Language Institute to offer Language Assistants as part of its Listening/Speaking course. Language Assistants are university-age fluent English speakers. Two Language Assistants are assigned to each Listening/Speaking class. They work with the Listening/Speaking teacher for each level to provide four hours a week of Speaking to practice the language learned in the class. They practice informal, conversational English and teach about U.S. culture. They take advantage of Florida's climate and meet in an atmosphere conducive to informal language practice. The Listening/Speaking teachers and Language Assistants plan different activities, language games, and discussions based on the needs and interests of the class.

In addition to aiding the Listening/Speaking teachers, every weekend the Language Assistants lead trips outside of Gainesville as part of the ELI's Cultural Immersion Program. For these Weekend Activities, the Language Assistants act as sort of tour guides as the students explore beyond the ELI. The Language Assistants also lead Weekly Activities after classes to provide students with even more English practice. Finally, the Language Assistants also help students become involved in the Gainesville community through the Volunteer Program. The students come to rely on the Language Assistants as friends they can turn to while adapting to a new culture. They provide a myriad of opportunities for daily authentic language and culture experience.

Commitment to Quality
Since 1955, when the ELI opened its doors, the ELI has had a firm commitment to excellence. The ELI is a founding member of the U.C.I.E.P. Consortium, a national body which regulates standards for academic quality in the best programs in the United States. The ELI is also a founding member of the Florida Consortium of English Programs. Classes are designed according to the latest research in teaching English as a second language.

ELI students come from approximately 30 different countries. The countries most heavily represented are: Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia Taiwan, Thailand and Venezuela. This mix of nationalities makes for increased opportunity to use English in all activities. Most of the students in the ELI are studying English in order to enter a college or university in the United States. Many ELI students are temporarily away from their jobs, studying English to improve their job performance.

Entrance Requirements
Students who want to study in the ELI must

have at least a tourist knowledge of English
be at least 17 years old
have completed at least secondary school in their country.

Program Mission and Objectives
The Primary Mission of the intensive English program of the English Language Institute is to prepare international students for study at the graduate or undergraduate level in institutions of higher learning in the USA. Students are taught to:

read academic-level materials
write academic papers and exams
speak more fluently in both formal and informal settings
take good, clear notes at lectures
take timed, objective tests
function knowledgeably in North American culture in order to establish and maintain productive relations with fellow students, professors and other members of the host community
The ELI also provides intensive language instruction to persons already trained in their professions and others who wish to improve their level of English proficiency and cultural awareness.

The Use of English at Our Institute
The English Language Institute wishes you to know that

in addition to the academic experience provided by the ELI, you should take advantage of every opportunity to use English;
using language is a social act, and as such, your choice of language is not merely personal but it affects others -- those you speak to and those who are within earshot;
at least in some cultures, the use of a language not understood by a person present is considered highly impolite and even insulting.
For these reasons, it is the policy of the English Language Institute that English be used in all communications among students as well as students and employees, and we assume that, by applying for admission, you accept our rule on the use of English.

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