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British Columbia - Vancouver (West End)
School:Little Rae Kids Club

Vancouver ESL For Kids Program:
Little Rae Kids Club has a Vancouver ESL For Kids Program that offers children the opportunity to learn English from demonstration and direct instruction.

Designed for children age 5 to 8 years old, our English as a Second Language program includes reading aloud, shared reading of books, charts, songs and rhymes, and interactive writing opportunities.

We provide children with the opportunity to practice their emerging literacy skills through their daily writing experiences, our literacy center, and through time spent reading independently with our staff.

Little Rae Kids Club will be there to offer support and encourage children to learn and expand their use of the English as a Second Language.

English As A Second Language:
Our program has been designed for children who have reached the age of 5 but are not yet attending a Vancouver School and in turn, our staff have developed a natural play-based learning structure that teaches children literacy and numeracy concepts and a range of physical developments.

We believe that children will continue to learn best through hand-on and minds-on experiences. Children need opportunities to use and practice their language skills in both formal and informal settings.

All children are active learners and they need to talk in order to learn!

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