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Memory Quiz

(Intermediate ESL level)


To do this Quiz, you need to have your pop up stop program off, or to allow a window to pop up on your screen.

Click the "Start" button; you will see a pop up window that shows a text for 2 seconds. Memorize this text.

Then click the "Answer" button to display the box where you will write this text. It does not matter if you write the text in caps or in lower case.

Dot not write in the boxes below

Number of Tries :
Number of Correct :

To re-start the Quiz, reload (refresh) your browser.

Teachers: You may wish to keep score of the 'Tries' and 'Correct' answers.

My Chinese for your French or Spanish   by: My Chinese and English for your French
I am a HR manager for foreign employees from different countries. At the same time, i am also a part time oral English teacher. I wanna study French or Spanish at present. In my free time, i am fond..
My English for your Spanish  by: heaven
I speak Farsi and English and teach the second. Living in Tehran/Iran and leading a busy life couldn't find any Spanish classes near my place. I hold an MA in Translation Studies and I can..
Pen Pals: English, French (my native language is Russian)  by: trina
I am looking for a person, who wants to improve English/ French. I want to speak by Skype or email. native language:Russian.
My English for your Arabic, Hindi, or Spanish  by: Simran Sandhu
Hi, I'm fluent in English and Punjabi and I would like to improve my Hindi, speaking wise. I took 3 years of Spanish in high school but I want to be able to converse more comfortably. And I recently..
My Spanish for your English  by: Juan José
I'm interested in exchange speaking English/Spanish. Seriously and regularly. We can use online (skipe, etc) Have a good day.
English Tutor: Conversational English, Business English, Interview English and other topics you would want to practice  by: Carmila
Hello! My name is Carmila and I'm an online ESL teacher to Taiwanese students for almost 3 years now. I have also been a "Recommended Teacher" in my online language school. I graduated from Silliman..
English Tutor: FREE TRIAL LESSON; English at all levels  by: Patrycja
I OFFER A FREE TRIAL LESSON! Learn English via Skype with a qualified teacher! Hello! My name is Patrycja and I am a Polish native speaker. I am a graduate of Tischner European University with the..
English Tutor: Private online Language Education ~Free trial lesson   by: Jennifer: English Outside the Box
What is English Outside the Box? It is private English education, teaching you "outside the box," that is.. outside of the traditional classroom. As the head teacher, I strive to help students reach..
TOEIC: The TOEIC Reading test  by: Skype121English
Today I want to talk a little about the TOEIC Reading test. Reading test questions fall into three broad categories and it can be highly beneficial to recognise these in the exam and respond..
English for Crocodiles....Hahahahhahaha  by: Turnoi
From a Linguistics point of view, John is right when he mentions varying uses of tense suffixes like -ed in written and spoken English. It is normal for languages as living organisms to have..
Re British English: Unusual Tense Endings  by: Beth
These are not examples of unusual tense endings. They are simply examples of how you pronounce the past verb form and the past participle verb form. Words that exist in American English also, but..
Re: Taking minutes & writing reports  by: Yanni Zack
Sondes, Here is an article I found on How to Take Business Meeting Notes How to run an eco club meeting Taking meeting minutes Minutes are just notes you take in a meeting, helping to remind you what..
Re: Online tutorial questions  by: Yanni Zack
Since we are now moving into the technology world for Online Teaching, I am finding that using Skype is a great way to conduct ESL Teaching as this uses both the Phone and chat at the same time.
Taking minutes & writing reports  by: Sondes
Hey fellow teachers, I have upper advanced classes and I would like to teach them how to take minutes in a meeting and write a report out of those minutes. Are there any lesson plans that have videos..
Pros and cons of different career paths in education  by: Silvana Mandero
Graduates of various teaching programs and those who would like to redirect their career path must consider different aspects of choosing from the options available within the educational services...
Using Parrots in the ESL Classroom  by: Rita Corcoran Davis/American College of Education Capstone Assignment
Bird Brains Teaching English Rita Corcoran Davis Introduction Service animals have been used to assist people since the 1700’s. Even though visually impaired individuals have utilized dogs since..
April is Autism Awareness Month!  by: Rachel Fischer
Light it Up Blue in April April is quickly approaching and for the last four decades it has been the time of year that has been set aside for autism awareness. April 2nd has also marked World Autism..
ESL Activity - Paper Airplane Game  by: Jamie Rochfort
Directions: • Issue each student with 2 or 3 A4 sheets of scrap paper along with the written instructions (see below); • Provide a demonstration for the class by making one with the step-by-step..
ESL English Lesson: Saudi driving ban for women  by: David Robinson
Today let’s talk about women not being allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia. Can you imagine a woman in your country not being allowed to drive a car simply because she is a woman? It’s hard to..
ESL English Lesson: Noisy and disruptive neighbours!  by: David Robinson
Today let’s talk about noisy neighbours! They can be very annoying. It can be loud music blasting out. Someone could hold a party. In this instance it is better they invite their neighbours. If you..
The History of Parachute Pants  by: Bettina Palileo
Parachute pants are characterized by their material. Just like actual parachutes, they are made of nylon, allowing them to be lightweight and durable. The crotch is low and pockets and zippers adorn..
About The History of Birthday Candles  by: Peggy Epstein
When the iced and decorated cake is brought to the table at a birthday party, it's ablaze with candles. A longstanding tradition, the lighting of birthday candles is said to have started with the..
About Flamenco Dancing  by: Debra Stein
Flamenco dancing is much more than a pattern of steps or a style of movement. It is defined by the emotional interpretation of music and song, and the influence of a culture that shaped its form...
Re To the fake 2  by: yu2fa3
At least I hope that's him trolling... I'd hate to think anyone teaching really was that ignorant of international ESL institutions! Put it this way, there's only been four of us posting over recent..
Re To the fake 2  by: Beth
A troll is someone who posts something purely to be antagonistic or to be malicious. For example, Turnoi arguing and disputing every single thing I post, regardless of the validity of the content, is..
Re To the fake 2  by: yu2fa3
Trolls like the yufa fake will never get it that women are nobody else's property, even if they are married. Marriage is a voluntary act of bondage whose cords of which in the best case should never..
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