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Memory Quiz

(Intermediate ESL level)


To do this Quiz, you need to have your pop up stop program off, or to allow a window to pop up on your screen.

Click the "Start" button; you will see a pop up window that shows a text for 2 seconds. Memorize this text.

Then click the "Answer" button to display the box where you will write this text. It does not matter if you write the text in caps or in lower case.

Dot not write in the boxes below

Number of Tries :
Number of Correct :

To re-start the Quiz, reload (refresh) your browser.

Teachers: You may wish to keep score of the 'Tries' and 'Correct' answers.

My English for your Spanish  by: Rohina
Hi there! Please message me if you would like to improve your English.
My Chinese for your English  by: penghui(Vera)
My name is Penghui, and you can call me Vera. I come from Hunan province,China. I am a native of chinese and have got the certification of Putonghua. And I am a student in an university, I want to..
My Chinese for your English  by: 小南
hi! I am from China. I have got the certification of Mandarin i can help you practice chinese. speaking or writing. and now working as an English Grammar teacher in a learning center. i..
My English for your Hindi  by: moti daaom
Hi, I can help with English in exchange for Hindi.
My English for your French (I prefer a native from France)  by: Jen (Skype- aaaJENaaa)
I am an English teacher from Philippines. I plan to go to Toulouse this year for a training course and I want to start leaning French to prepare for it. Here is a video so you can see me.
English Tutor: Structured Conversation Practice to improve pronunciation, grammar, vobulary and your confidence  by: Jen (Skype- aaaJENaaa) for Conversation Practice
Please watch my videos so you can see how I conduct my classes Improve your conversation skills with an experienced teacher who can help you with your English speaking skills and a lot more!..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Looking for Online Native teachers, students are Korean  by: Global21
Global 21 is foreign language education company in Korea. Our extensive system incorporates textbook publication, well-refined evaluation resources, affiliations with renowned overseas language..
Online Schools Looking For Tutors: Online school based in Moscow is searching for native English speakers  by: Online School of Foreign Languages LINGVISTER
Online School of Foreign Languages LINGVISTER is searching for native English speakers to deliver lessons via Skype for students from Beginner to Advanced levels. Job description: - individual..
Learning Tips:   by: Ace TOEFL Essay Writing
Here are AceWriters 10 simple strategies to ace your TOEFL independent writing section: Practice timed writing a day or two before the test. Think quality not quantity. Learn some basic sentence..
Learning Tips: Are you ready to study an advanced English course online?   by: Dr Norman
Studying at an advanced level online requires you to consider: 1. If your English is at the right level and you are ready to study; 2. Your goals for improvement; and 3. Your learning style and level..
Learning Tips: Learning English vocabulary efficiently and effectively   by: Dr Norman
There are two basic principles for learning vocabulary efficiently and effectively. 1. Seeing and hearing words in use The more real English that you see and hear on a daily basis, the more your..
Re: How to teach GERUND (PPP Model)  by: Yanni Zack
Mary, Here is a link from Azar on Grammar on the use of the Gerund: This should help you in developing your power point.
How to teach GERUND (PPP Model)  by: Mary
I want to write up a lesson plan in PPP model but am not sure how to. I am drawing blank when it comes to the gerund. I would need a good warmer idea to set the theme for the lesson. then I would..
Re: ESL student newspaper  by: Yanni Zack
Casey, Congratulations on wanting the students to develop an ESL Newspaper. Here is my suggestion: Determine what the interests are for your ESL Students regarding the different roles in the..
3 Successful teaching strategies to follow  by: Edwin Edwards
1. Make whatever you are teaching FUN !!! Kids are resilient little creatures that will go along with anything as long as it appears to be fun for them. Kids love to play games and run around..
How to Get the Dynamics of Flipped Classroom Right  by: Ethan Miller
Ever since the inception of Education Technology, if there is one thing that has caught the eye of most educators, it is flipped learning. For those who aren’t aware of flipped learning, it is an..
5 innovative eLearning ideas for more engaging courses  by: Jessica Gust
In today’s world, you have plenty of competition when it comes to creating courses that keep people focused, entertained and more importantly engaged with learning. Everything from game consoles to..
New pronunciation game idea  by: ESL+games
I've just posted a new idea for a pronunciation game based on minimal pairs, haven't had a chance to try it out yet!
How to Multiply Fractions  by: Jen
How to Multiply Fractions If you have mastered adding and subtracting fractions, often multiplying fractions will seem a lot less complicated. Many of the steps feel similar, but much of the work..
Task 2 IELTS practice essays - Two Question Essays  by: IELTS Edits
Task 2 IELTS practice essays Two Question Essays 1. Nowadays we communicate less with our family members face to face. What are the causes of this ? What are some potential solutions ? 2. In many..
The History of Parachute Pants  by: Bettina Palileo
Parachute pants are characterized by their material. Just like actual parachutes, they are made of nylon, allowing them to be lightweight and durable. The crotch is low and pockets and zippers adorn..
About The History of Birthday Candles  by: Peggy Epstein
When the iced and decorated cake is brought to the table at a birthday party, it's ablaze with candles. A longstanding tradition, the lighting of birthday candles is said to have started with the..
About Flamenco Dancing  by: Debra Stein
Flamenco dancing is much more than a pattern of steps or a style of movement. It is defined by the emotional interpretation of music and song, and the influence of a culture that shaped its form...
SB, just checking on you: Car hits pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia; 1 is dead and 20 are hurt   by: Fifi
SB, I know the chances that you happened to be at the location of this accident are very small, but still, if you see this post, please confirm you are OK.
Re People are becoming more aware of the roles of big corporations  by: Trump diplomacy
Although each generation acquires their own knowledge, it was Eisenhower who first warned the nation of the Military Industrial Complex that he helped create. Since then, pharmaceuticals, food, and..
Re: Re Missionary position capitalism  by: Turnoi
I don't like Hillary, but she would have been far better than Trump. Bernie would have been my favourite candidate.
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