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Web Article Writing Tips - Get Straight to the Point
By:Sean R Mize

There is a reason why most articles you can find in the online arena are very tight and relatively short. It's because this is how online users want them to be. As a writer, you need to understand that the audience you're serving have limited attention span and that they are pressed for time. There is no way that you can capture their attention if you offer them with lengthy articles that are full of fillers and lengthy introductions.

So, I suggest that you say what you mean and say it fast. If possible, give your readers all the things that they need to know on your first paragraph (you can use your succeeding paragraphs to offer supporting data). You don't need to beat around the bush and make your articles suspenseful. This will not work with the kind of audience that you're serving.

When writing your articles, think of the major points that you would like to discuss and ensure that your readers will find them worthwhile. Then, explain them using bullet list or very short paragraphs. Discuss them using lay man's terms and very short sentences.

After that, read your articles over and over again. Decide if all the words you're using on your content are really needed to get your message across. If they do not serve any purpose, they are considered fillers and you need to eliminate them from your content.

The next time you write your articles, make it a point that you explain your chosen topics using as fewer words as possible. It would be best if your articles will run 250-500 words. If you can do this while keeping your articles tight and informative, you can be assured that you'll quickly get the kind of attention you need in the online arena.

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