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How to start writing and submit articles
By:Jessica Author <rohnert77@yahoo.com>

Many people think that writing online articles, posting video's on youtube, doing messaging on facebook or twitter is super cool. They feel that doing all this means you need to be a tech geek or have a false opinion that it must be complex. I agree, it's cool and most important it's very easy. My suggestion to all these people is - TRY IT YOURSELF. These popular internet platforms are designed for mass use and just need a little but of self exploration to get use to it. After that you too will find in the sale 'cool dude' category.

My favorite pass time is writing articles. After I finish writing I usually submit articles to sites who specialize in a certain niche. For example articles related to education are submitted on eslteachersboard.com . Similarly, I personally like to submit travel articles on http://articles.travelandtourisminfo.com , although travel section on this site is extremely good as well. By the way writing travel articles is my favorite topic. Travel articles give you a lot of insight about what else is there in this world to explore and enjoy.

Many people ask me - How did you start writing articles? My answer to them is - just write on the topic you like. If you happen to be in a hot discussion with somebody, just vent your thoughts in an article and publish. There are thousands of people online all the time, looking to read what you think and what is happening in other people's life.

There are many bloggers who simply get up, enjoy their regular day and they write in the end what they did. They even mention about what is happening in their neighbors life. People on internet are just curious and many of them will read anything to everything.

So open up, start writing and submit articles. Keep it your hobby and never get too serious about it. The day you get serious, it will become a burden instead of a hobby.

Happy writing.

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