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How to Write 20 Articles in One Day - I Did it and I'll Show You How You Can Too!
By:Malcom Masterson

What would you do with 20 fresh, original articles? Unique and new content is almost like currency on the internet. Because you can use them in so many ways, knowing how to create them quickly is definitely an asset. Sure, when you are generating some income, you'll start to outsource your article writing. But until then, knowing how to write quality articles quickly can be the driving force of your success online.

Twenty articles, especially around the same niche, has great value. You can use them to build a new website and then sell it (sites with original content usually outsell the sites with duplicate content). You can use them as autoresponder follow up messages, compile them together into a short report, use them as blog posts or forum posts, and on and on.

You probably already know how valuable original articles are and just want me to cut to the chase and show you how I did it, right? Writing twenty articles in one day is possible (I've done it a few times), but it isn't easy. By the time your done, your mind will be numb and you'll be cursing at the evils of those "damn articles" and swearing that you'll never write another article ever again. Don't worry, those feelings will pass, especially when you start to use the articles and see the positive effects that result (and when those "positive effects" happen to be payment notifications, even better).

How To Write 20 Articles In One Day:

1. Choose One Niche. Your brain won't be able to handle creating that many articles over multiple niches in such a short time span. By staying within the same niche, you will be much more effective. Imagine trying to write about 20 different subjects. Your brain is going to be fried already. The greater the number of varying topics, the harder it will have to work. Let your brain function at its best and pick just one niche to write about.

2. Do Your Research. Don't just start spitting out things off the top of your head. You don't have to be an expert to create an effective article, but you do have to sound like you know something about the niche (and its so damn easy to know when someone's full of it). Some resources I use for research are EzineArticles.com, Wikipedia.com, Google.com, Yahoo Answers, and major forums in that niche. Note what people are talking about. What problems people keep asking. Tips that can really make a difference. Never plagiarize, obviously. Just get a feel for what questions people need answers to.

3. Write Out All Of Your Article Titles First. Staring at a blank page is always the hardest part of the article writing process. Trust me, having those titles already written out will give you a slight push at the beginning of every article. So first come up with all twenty titles. If you have time, you can also jot down 2-3 major points for each article. You don't have to make it elaborate. Just a word or phrase about the main points you'd like to express.

4. Follow A Simple Format. Now's not the time to be creative. Sticking to a simple article format is key.

Here's the format I use:

- Introduction paragraph expands on the title of the article and hints at what will be talked about
- Body of the article contains 2-3 key points that relate to the article title
- Summary paragraph recaps the main point of the article

That's it. But don't let the simplicity fool you. Once you stick to a specific format (mine or one that you come up with on your own), you will find that you can create content much quicker.

5. Keep Your Articles Around 300 Words Long. Why not 500 words? Well, we are trying to write as many quality articles in one day. Writing five hundred word articles almost doubles your writing time. Having them at three hundred words means that they fulfill the minimum word count requirements for most articles directories, and can still be used as website content or blog posts.

6. Start Writing As Early As You Can In Your Day. I'm not saying that you should get up at 6am if you normally don't. I'd actually recommend against doing that (because your mind won't feel at its best and it needs to). The goal is to knock out your first batch of articles early in your day. Getting through that initial batch will give you some needed early momentum.

7. Write Your Articles In Groups Of Three. I have found that after one article, my mind was still racing with stuff to say. After two articles, my mind is starting to fatigue a bit, but I still have enough juice to write a third article. But after that third article, I'm mentally spent and need a break. So when creating 20 articles, you are going to do six groups of three articles each. The last group will only be two articles, but your brain will be melting by this point so that's ok.

8. Focus On Your Articles Until You Are Done. Once you start working on a group of articles, keep at it until you are done. Don't check your email, your Paypal account, or the Warrior Forum. These little distractions will rob of you of your time. You'll have time for that later. Right now you need to be focused on pumping out three informative and concise articles.

9. Take A Break After Each Group Of Articles. After you finish a grouping of articles, take a break. Even if you feel that you don't have to. Take one anyway. And make it a real break. Do something relaxing and that uses no brain power. Watch some TV. Play a video game. Check your email. But don't make it too long. You want your mind to get a breather, but you don't want it to totally shift away from the tasks at hand.

10. When You Are Done, Give Yourself A Reward. Sure, you will get the benefits of having a good chunk of original content, but make it something else. It could be going out for a movie, getting the latest book from your favorite author, or buying some "toy" that you have been wanting to buy but felt too guilty to do so. Writing twenty articles is no easy feat. You owe it to yourself to have a treat for such a hard accomplishment.

Are you up to the challenge? It's possible. I've done it. I know of a few other marketers who have as well. But your brain will be pretty useless for a day or two afterwards. But that fine. You now have an asset that you can immediately use for a variety of marketing strategies.

Another tool that really helped me write 20 articles in one day was this inexpensive piece of software called Article Helper http://www.internetincomepaths.com/articlehelper.html.

And when I say "inexpensive", I'm talking like five bucks. For the price of a footlong sub, you can get an awesome tool that will help you write a ton of articles fast. I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

See Details Of Article Helper Below:


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