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How to Addict Yourself to Writing
By:Scott Ginsberg

There's nothing more terrifying than facing a blank page.

Even Shakespeare and Steven King would agree to that!

But, if you can get yourself addicted to writing, writer's block will become an impossibility.

See, I've been writing professionally now for about five years.

And while that doesn't mean I've discovered all the secrets, I HAVE figured out a three-step process to get addicted to writing:

THE FIRST STEP IS THE HARDEST: just start writing.

Even if you don't think you're any good.
Even if you don't think you have anything good to write about.

If you have to, write about "not having anything to write about" until you think of something to write about.

Do this for a (measly) fifteen minutes a day.


Depending on your style, schedule and goals, this could take anywhere from several weeks to several months.

The secret is to be patient.

To be willing to pay the price.

That way, you become (slowly) addicted to writing.

And in the process, develop a tailor-made system that suits your creative style.

THE THIRD STEP IS THE COOLEST: embrace your addiction!

See, as you get into your daily writing routine, you'll notice something.

I call it The Circle of Write:

1.The more you write, the more you will LIKE writing.

2.The more you like writing, the more you will WANT to write.

3.The more you want to write, the more THOUGHT you will put into your writing.

4.The more thought you put into your writing, the BETTER your writing will become.

5.The better your writing becomes, the HIGHER your confidence will soar.

6.The higher your confidence soars, the MORE you will want to write.

And the circle just keeps on going.

Let us all chant, Hakuna-matata!

AND HERE'S THE BEST PART: once you reach this point, the better you will feel when you write.

Which means the WORSE you will feel when you DON'T write.

And THAT is how you will know when you're addicted.

When you can't (not) write.

After all, if "writing is the basis of all wealth," wouldn't YOU want get addicted to it?

Wht did you write today?

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