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Tips For Writing An Informative Article
By:Lakshmi Menon

How to write an informative article? Writing an article is not that difficult as you think.

The following tips can help you in writing an informative article -

1. Write about what you really know. Before writing, do a search and find out some more details to polish your knowledge on the selected topic. You can find details about anything on the internet, using a search engine. Read as much as possible and enrich your knowledge in that particular topic, and write the article in your own voice.

2. Please remember the vital point that many of your readers already know more details than you about the topic you are writing. Therefore, write about the topic you have sufficient knowledge.

3. People will be more interested to know how you sorted out a particular problem when you had faced one. A well written article about solving your own problem will be more useful to the readers. Many of them would have faced the similar problem and your information will be of immense help to them.

4. Remember to leave enough white space in between your paragraphs. You may wonder why should it be? Reading the matter on the monitor is different from reading on the printed page. It causes eye strain and for some people neck pain also. The other main reason is that many of your readers will be senior citizens, who will be looking for various information. Hence it is better to see that your article is senior citizen-friendly, which means easy for them to read.

5. Try to write small paragraphs, which is easy to read. Most of the people will be just scanning the matter within a short time. Therefore, the smaller the paragraph the easier to read. Just place yourself in that position. How many times have you read long articles on the net? I do agree that we take time to read long articles when they are highly important to our need. Otherwise, on a routine basis, more people read only smaller articles .

6. After writing your article, read it at least 3-5 times, and if necessary read once aloud. It helps you to find the mistakes in your articles. Then you can revise your article appropriately.

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