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Comment Vanity in Blogs
By:Justin Alan Williams

What is comment vanity you may ask? Comment Vanity is the condition in which a Blogger has excessive pride in receiving comments, a constant need to check to see if their post has comments and to make sure that their post has a lot of comments.

Comments are an excellent measure on your reeaders feedback but don't believe that's the sole answer if your post is good or not. Below are the 4 stages of the commenter.

The Normal Commenter - This is your normal avera Joe commenter. He/She comments because they found the post to be interesting and of value and wishes to express opinion or praise on your post.

The Backlink Leecher - This is your typical commenter who have found that your blog is either ranked high in PageRank, Organic Rank, or a Do-Follow blog that gives the commenter Google Juice. The commenter solely just comments for his/her own selfish ambition.

The Blogger Friendship - The Blogger friendship commenter may not mean any harm but simply just comments back or comments on their friend's blog out of courtesy, respect and because they feel obligated to comment on their friends blog.

The Spammer/Splogger - This commenter is the most hated commenter, which most of the time is not even human and is mainly automated in trying to scrape a blog's content in order to use in their own site or even promoting an unwanted link, thank heaven for Akismet.

So if you are measuring your results solely on comment love you may find some irregularities within your results due to the above.

You shouldn't worry about measuring your posts with comments. There have been many quality posts that have little or no comments. Great posts shouldn't be overlooked just because there are no comments on it. Your view count from Google Analytics can measure viewable results which shouldn't be compared to quality.

Your posts already has a great value to it once posts and that's exposure to the online world.

Planting You Digital Seeds

Worry less on how many views and comments you receive and worry more on the quality you put forth out there in the online world. The whole main concept is planting your Digital Seeds.

You may not have many comments now or many views now but your post is out there in cyberspace and you may get sleeper success in which a viewer may not have to comment on your blog in order to like it or promote it. Also just because there is nothing there now doesn't mean there will be nothing in the future.

My Grandfather is a wise man and has always said, Don't measure your success in how many things you have. Measure your success how valuable the things you have.


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