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Free Advertising for Lazy People
By:Dan Theta

If you're reading this, you are probably someone who is lazy when it comes to your online business. Or maybe you aren't lazy; you just actually have a life and do not have time to commit yourself to your online business 24/7, or at least every free second you have. Whatever the case may be, time is not on your side when it comes to working on your online business.

I'll cut to the chase here. One particular strategy is to place a link to your site in your signature in an online forum. I use this a lot because a good amount of my free time is spent online, lurking through message boards. Now don't just go blatantly posting around random forums in an attempt to advertise; this is considered spamming and will probably get you banned from the forum. Not only that it will ruin your credibility and reputation with that group of people, so you can kiss those potential prospects and sales good-bye. Whatever your business is about, there is a forum on the internet about it. I guarantee it. If your business is about internet marketing, then focus on forums about internet marketing. If your business is about online auctions, focus on forums that are about online auctions. You get the idea. However if you want to be daring and try advertising your MLM business in, say a video game forum, be my guest, but good luck, you'll need it. I've tried putting a link to my site in forums that were of my interests and expertise, but had absolutely nothing to do with business, and I haven't had too much luck. Just make sure the forum allows you to advertise your site in your signature first. Now post away, making sure you contribute to the nature of the board. This is critical, as you will appear to be an expert in whatever field you're in and people browsing through will be more inclined to click the link to your site in your signature. That and every post you make creates a back link to your site, which is critical for search engine optimization.

Perhaps forum posting isn't for you. Maybe you are simply a n00b and wouldn't be welcomed in internet forums (people on some internet forums can be extremely vicious, I've been on forums for too long to know that). Well here's another strategy you can use: write articles! A lot of articles you read online are written by everyday, run of the mill, normal people. If you were smart enough to find this article, then you are smart enough to write a short article about any aspect in online business. You don't have to write some 50 page essay or anything like that. When people look up information on the internet, they want it short, sweet and to the point. Honestly, who has time to read some giant essay when all they want is information about starting an online business? A good word count range would be around 400-500 words, give or take. There are tons of article directories online that you can submit your articles to. Just look up "article submission" on Google and see the hundreds of directories there are. You can also get your own blog, and post your articles on it as well. I do all of the above and I'm lazy as heck. A guru about online business is the last thing I am, and this took less than half an hour to write, so you should have no problem with article writing and blogging.

There are many, many other ways to promote your site for free and with little effort, but you know what? I'm too lazy to list them all here. That and you're probably tired of me going on and on about this subject. Assuming you actually read everything up to this point, you are more than intelligent enough to find your own ways of advertising. Just remember to work smarter, not harder, and in time your goal will be attained.

Dan Theta

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