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Texas ISD School Guide

Internet Tips

How to Evaluate Websites for High School Activities
By:Ellen McCormick

When you search for a topic on the Internet, such as high school activities, thousands of listings come up. Some are very helpful but others have nothing to do with what you are looking for. How do you decide where to begin and what entries are most likely to meet your needs? Knowing how to evaluate each site will save a lot of time and quickly enable you to find the valid resources you need for your students.

Check who operates the website. Sites sponsored and designed by educational institutions that deal with high school students, accredited institutions that educate teachers and organizations that specialize in providing educational resources are the most reliable. These institutions and organizations know from experience and educational pedagogy what activities work best for high school students.

Check the website's extension. Website domains exist for different purposes, making them more or less reliable as a reference. The most reliable extensions for educational resources are .edu, .org and .net. Activities listed on these websites are more likely to meet the educational needs of high school students. Other domains, such as .com, may be valid but you need to evaluate the site further to see if the activity is being promoted for educational and developmental value or for profit.

Skim through a couple of the activities on the site. If it provides educational objectives and developmental information by showing how the activity benefits high school students, it will be easy for you to find effective activities that meet your objectives and the needs of your students.

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