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Texas ISD School Guide

Internet Tips

How to Build a Preschool Website
By:Faizah Imani

When deciding to create a website for your preschool, it is important that you represent your school well. While it is great to incorporate things such as the school colors and school logos on the website, it is also important to include as much information as possible about your preschool. This will help an interested parent to learn as much about your preschool as possible so she can make a well informed decision of whether or not to send her child to your school.

Purchase a domain name and web hosting for your preschool website. When choosing a domain you can use the .org domain extension instead of .com since your school is an organization and not a commercial entity. However, the extension choice is completely up to you.

Try to incorporate the word "preschool" into your domain name to help your website get higher search engine rankings. For example, you can useKidsrkidspreschool.org instead of kidsrkids.com. This is referred to as part of the "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) process.

Log into the control panel of your web hosting account to begin creating your preschool pages.

Create an "About Us" page that gives the history of the preschool. You can advise the parent how long the preschool has been around, the preschool motto, curriculum, teaching philosophy, director's name and qualifications, staff qualifications, student-teacher ratio, and any honors or awards the preschool has received.

Create a "Tuition" page that tells the parents how much it costs to send her child to your preschool. Indicate whether or not tuition payments are due weekly, biweekly, monthly, or annually.

Create an "Enrollment" page that tells the parent how to go about enrolling her child in your preschool. Let her know what immunization shots her child must have before being accepted for enrollment, the age requirements for the child, the length of the preschool terms, and any other documentation that is needed such as a birth certificate and social security card.

Place an "Application" page on the website that instructs the parent how to apply for enrollment. For example, she can walk in and apply or click on a website link that has a downloadable enrollment application. Let her know the deadline for an application to be submitted.

Create a "Materials" page that advised the parent what materials she should buy for the child if she plans to enroll him in your preschool. For example, paper towels, wet wipes, beach towels, sleeping mats, crayons, and paper.

Create a "Contact Us" page that includes the telephone and fax numbers for the preschool as well as the address and school hours.

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