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Thailand - Phuket  by: TEFL Campus Phuket
TEFL Campus offers Phuket's only TEFL training course with university-level accreditation (from Fort Hays State University). It is also Phuket's highest-rated course--contact us for links to..
Ireland - Dublin, and Online  by: The TEFL Training Institute of Ireland
Classroom and Online TEFL Courses The TEFL institution of Ireland offers full TEFL accreditation, internationally recognised TEFL courses, supportive and friendly qualified tutors and guidance into..
USA - California - San Diego  by: UNI-Prep Institute
UNI-Prep Institute is an American training institute that focuses on creating rewarding and educational professional development courses that are conducted both online and in-class. Most of our..
Argentina - Buenos Aires  by: Buenos Aires TEFL IBERO
Íbero TEFL is a small professional organization, with two decades of TEFL TESOL industry experience based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded by academically distinguished Argentinian owners. With..
South Korea - Seoul, Busan and Dae-gu  by: Timesmedia
Dear English teachers and prospective teachers, As you all know that TESOL certificate becomes essential to become English teacher. There are lots of different style of TESOL certificate courses..
Panama - Bocas Del Toro  by: Give and Surf TEFL
Come explore Panama's beautiful beaches and wildlife while getting certified to Teach English! This month-long class certifies participants as TEFL teachers, giving them the opportunity to teach..
Turkey - Istanbul  by: International TEFL/TESOL Institute - ISTANBUL
Become an English Teacher and choose one of our TESOL course. Benefits and advantages: -flexible course and professionalism - 24/7 support from the staff to help you get through the course..
UK - Glasgow  by: THE TESOL COLLEGE, Diploma in TESOL Level 7
THE TESOL COLLEGE (Singapore) was established in 2011 with the aim of delivering quality TESOL teacher training. This work has now moved to the UK and THE TESOL COLLEGE, registered in Scotland, is..
Thailand - Bangkok  by: Vantage TEFL Certification
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a highly valued credential that schools look for when seeking qualified instructors to teach English. If you’re looking for an ESL teaching position..
Turkey - Istanbul  by: ISTESOL - International Studies
Join us this May! Choose one of our courses: online, combined or in-class and become an English teacher! Our team of professionals will provide you with assistance. For more information check our..