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USA - MA: Boston, Chicago, Rohnert Park in Northern CA and Grand Junction, CO
By:Global TEFL - SIT TESOL Certificate <[email protected]>

Teach English Around the World with the School for International Training TESOL Certificate course

Spaces still available in the School for International Training TESOL Certificate Courses in Boston/June, Grand Junction, Colorado/June, Chicago/July, and North SF Bay Area/July. Contact Ron Bradley at 312-209-3660 or e-mail: [email protected]. See website at www.globaltefl.org

Welcome to Global TEFL. We are a non-profit educational organization that has been promoting international and teacher education for the past 15 years. We are pleased to work with the School for International Training in offering the SIT TESOL Certificate Course at several sites around the United States.

• SIT has been a leader in teacher education for over 40 years and offers one of the most highly regarded Master's in Teaching.
• The 130-hour TESOL/TEFL certificate course is Internationally recognized and externally validated.
• All trainers are licensed by SIT and have extensive experience as teachers and trainers.
• The course uses an inductive, experiential, hands-on approach.
• Job-search assistance offered upon successful completion of the course.

SIT TESOL/TEFLCertificate Course

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