Teacher Training Schools

India - Pune
By:Dhi Academy Of Professional Training <[email protected]>

We’ve brought together a group of people who come from a multitude of backgrounds, fields of interest and areas of expertise with one thing in common; the conviction in the necessity for Applied Knowledge to make our young graduates and post-graduates more employable. Our goal is for every student that comes to us to leave with increased awareness of the global work scenario and the tools to deal with the challenges that will be thrown at them in the course of their careers.

Each of us has practised in our field for long enough to have gained first-hand knowledge of what the job actually entails and the pitfalls that a fresher faces. Our aim is to pass this knowledge on in order to create a workforce that is not only educated in the theoretical aspects of their field, but also has a working understanding of how things function in the real world. Every course and workshop has been designed and created so as to optimise the transfer of knowledge and encourage curiosity on the subject.

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