Teacher Training Schools

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City
By:International TEFL Academy

Boasting thousands of years of history and culture, Vietnam offers a rare blend of traditional charm and tranquil natural beauty with the dynamism of one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a society that is rapidly opening up to the outside world after decades of war and isolation. Here, divine beaches line magnificent coastlines, while inland soaring mountains cloaked by dense, misty forests overlook acre upon acre of rice paddies where farmers in traditional conical hats meticulously tend to the seasonal harvest just as their forefathers have for generations. Mirroring the country as a whole, the Vietnamese people are hard working and industrious, and at the same time strikingly friendly and optimistic.

TEFL TESOL Certification - Length of training: 4 weeks.

During the four-week training program, housing will be available at a local hotel or in the nearby apartments.

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