Learn to TEACH English with TECHNOLOGY. Free course for American TESOL students.

TESOL certification course online recognized by TESL Canada & ACTDEC UK.

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USA - California - San Diego
By:SDUIS - San Diego University for Integrative Studies <placement@sduis.edu>

TESOL Certificate course

SDUIS will be offering a residential (on campus) TESOL Certificate course. This course is available for international and US residents. Earn your TESOL Certification in 1 month and start working!

Course Description: A certification program for the purpose of learning and understanding Teaching English as a Second Language. Course includes general teaching principles and techniques, philosophies, psychologies, troubleshooting, class preparation, focused learning, time management skills, and “hands-on” training credits obtained through a designated practice class. Students will learn how to find and apply for ESL employment in the United Stated and Abroad, as well as tips on the most successful ways to acquire job offers. A TESOL certificate is obtained upon successful completion of the course.

What is TESOL and how will it benefit you?

TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a certification that allows English Speakers to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to foreigners around the world. The certification program will instruct students on how to: Create and use lesson plans, understand multiple methodologies as well as how to implement them, adapt and appreciate foreign cultures and their people, and how to search/find employment.

If you’ve been having difficulty finding employment and are considering continuing your education, obtaining your TESOL certificate is a valid alternative to acquiring a Master’s Degree due to the fact that right now the demand for ESL instructors is high and there are many opportunities to work and gain extremely valuable experience.

The majority of TESOL jobs are in foreign countries ranging from South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. If you have ever thought of visiting another country, or traveling on someone else’s dime, TESOL is definitely for you. In addition, there are many ESL schools here in the U.S. that hires English Teachers, but many of them prefer overseas experience.

On Campus TESOL Course

 Duration: 4 weeks (students can begin on any Monday)

 Tuition: $350 every 4 weeks + Book $40

 Time: Monday – Thursday (9:00am-1:30pm - meets the student visa requirements)
San Diego University for Integrative Studies
3900 Harney Street, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92110
T: 619-297-1999

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