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Thailand - Bangkok
By:AYC ACA TESOL Course <gettesol@aycthailand.com>

After the full success of our English Program for Schools in Thailand (which we are working with around 80 schools and 250 teachers for the new term), AYC has decided to form its own TESOL School to serve its current and incoming teachers. For successful applicants, we can offer job assistance in our schools. We kept the course fee down to 899 US$ provide good education for a reasonable price and to gain prepared and qualified teachers to Thailand as we can maintain the quality for a better price due to our intensive network of schools and good connections all over the world.

AYC ACA TESOL offers 120 hours in a full time classroom program. In addition, this TESOL Course is recognized in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries in Asia as a teaching certificate all around the world.
The course will include:

o 120 hours of teaching theory

o Classroom experience.(when available)

o Course Material

o Thai Cultural Course Certificate Program during the course. The Thai Cultural Certificate is a must for all teachers in Thailand who are seeking a good job with good payment,and it is mandatory for the teachers who want to teach here for more than one year.

o Orientation and a tour of Bangkok.

o Airport pick up

- Course Dates

8 th of March - 2nd of April.

19th of April - 14th of May.

17th of May - 14th of June.

AYC ACA TESOL Course is formed by the partnership between AYC Intercultural Programs Thailand and American Cultural Association.
Our course is full accredited by ASCENTIS

AYC will provide Education or Non Immigrant B Visa for the applicants.

- For the applicants coming from abroad,we will send all the documents necessary to support your visa application directly to you so that you can apply for a visa before entering Thailand. To do this applicants will need to inform us of their address, telephone and the city of the nearest Thai Consulate.

- For the applicants who are already in Thailand, we will provide all the documents for necessary to support your visa-application,from our office and applicants will need to go to the Thai Consulates in Vientiane Laos, or Penang Malaysia, to apply for an Education or Non Immigrant B Visa for Thailand.

- All the visa costs and related expenses for your visa trip need to be paid by the applicant.
As we are currently working with 50 schools all over Thailand and we are doubling our schools for 2010/2011 academic year to around 80 schools, we have an intensive network of schools to fit our successful graduates. AYC will try to help the graduates who do not meet the requirements stated below through our "Job Assistance Center".

AYC will provide job assistance for the successful applicants:

- Employment Opportunities:
This year AYC requirements for employment are:

o Bachelor Degree in any field.

o Age between 21 to 50. (due to retirement age in Thailand)

o Intention to work as a teacher and abide the rules of the school.

- * 1000 - 1100 USD salary a month (accommodation and transportation allowance included in the salary)

* The salaries will be based on the qualifications and experiences and varies from 33,800 Baht to 38,000 Baht net.

* Legal issues Work permit will be provided by AYC.

* AYC will provide assistance with any curriculum requirements and teaching hours will not exceed a maximum of 24 hours per week.

- AYC will assist you in finding accommodation.

- Teachers will be relocated to their new positions in our van with the assistance of our staff.

- Visa and work permit will be provided by AYC. If the teachers are coming from abroad, AYC will send neccessary support documents required to receive a Non Immigrant B Visa from Thai Embassy or consulates in their home countries.

* Documentation needed for your application:

* 1 - CV/Resume. (Microsoft Office Doc or Adobe PDF format)

2 - Copy of your highest level of academic degree/diploma/certificate/or college transcript.

3 - A photocopy of the front page of your valid passport.

4 - Recent color Photo.

5 - Letter of Recommendation/or Release Letter from your previous school.

6 - Any other relevant information you think might help your application.

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