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TESOL certification course online recognized by TESL Canada & ACTDEC UK.

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By:LANCELOT School LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Trainers <holly.longstroth@lancelotschool.com>

The second year of the ICC certified LANCELOT course will start in January 2009 and we warmly invite you to consider getting certified. Three months, a total of 120 hours, of which we spend we spend 26 hours in groups sessions, 26 hours in peer-to-peer work, 72 hours creating teaching and learning material, slides, podcasts, surveys and reflective writing for the portfolio, then the 20min live online assessment, a lesson plan and at the end a certificate as a LANCELOT trainer.

The question is, what do I learn in 3 months? Why so long? How do I fit this into my busy daily schedule? How much do I need to learn each week? What prerequisites are there for the course? How much does it cost?

...and then....

Can I really work as a live online language trainer after wards? What does this certificate stand for? What can I do with it? Is there a demand on the market for live online language learning? Will I see a 'return on my investment'?

... we also ask these questions ...

What is so special about teaching live online? Can not everybody with a Skype account teach? Where is the future of live online language learning? Does this complement or replace 'classical' e-learning?

We would really like to answer these questions for you. Contact us or visit our website at http://www.lancelotschool.com

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