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Egypt - Alexandria
By:The International TEFL Corporation (TITC) - TEFL / TESOL Courses with Certification

The Alexandria TEFL International training center and accommodation are located at Bianky, a beach resort area 15 kilometers to the west of Alexandria's city center. Our campus is located just 200 meters away from Paradise Beach. You will enjoy the laid back green surroundings of the campus with easy access to Paradise private beach most of the year. Some classes will also take place in our TEFL school, in the Stanley area of Alexandria's city center.

Optional extra: Arabic Language Course
Should you want to learn some Arabic during your time in Egypt, you could attend an Arabic language program either before or after your TEFL course. This TEFL course/language program offers you the opportunity to become TEFL qualified with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate and immerse yourself in the local culture, improving your language skills.

Explore the history of an ancient civilization while living in a modern, diverse community. Alexandria is a beautiful tree-lined city on the Mediterranean (great diving!) and home of the ancient and modern library. A magnificent location for a TEFL course, Alexandria is just over two hours from Cairo and the pyramids.

Explore the Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Coptic, Islamic and Arab civilizations all in one place.

Alexandria was established by the mighty Macedonian Alexander the Great in 331 BC when selected a small fishing village on the Mediterranean coast as his new capital.

The modern city is oriented around Midan Ramla and Midan Saad Zaghoul, the large square that runs down to the waterfront. Alexandria once had a great library that contained more than 500,000 volumes, and at its peak the city was a great repository of science, philosophy and intellectual thought and learning. With a TEFL International course in Alexandria, this may well still be the case!

The Greco-Roman Museum contains relics that date back to the 3rd century BC. There's a magnificent black granite sculpture of Apis, the sacred bull worshipped by Egyptians, as well as an assortment of mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewellery and ancient tapestries.

Another highlight is one of the few historical depictions of the Pharos of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The only Roman Amphitheatre in Egypt was rediscovered in 1964. Its 13 white marble terraces are in excellent condition and excavation work is still under way, although the dig has shifted a little to the north of the theatre.

Pompey's Pillar, a massive 25m (82ft) pink granite monument measuring 9m (30ft) around its girth, is a sight well worth seeing, as are the Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa. This is the largest known Roman burial site in Egypt, and consists of three tiers of burial tombs, chambers and hallways. The catacombs were begun in the 2nd century AD and were later expanded to hold more than 300 corpses.

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