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Mexico - Guanajuato
By:Academia Falcon - Four-week, intensive TESOL certification

Academia Falcon has expanded its unique method of teacher traning (acquired over the years to prepare its Spanish teachers) to instruct English teachers. A four-week, intensive TESOL certification course, in affiliation with the accredited and internationally recognized organization INTESOL, is now available. (There is also a variation--Flexi-course--which consists of two weeks of home study followed by two weeks of practical training at the school.)

This TESOL certification is in affiliation with the accredited, internationally recognized organization INTESOL INTERNATIONAL TESOL TRAINING.

The course is taught in groups of no more than 10 students. All textbooks and course materials for the classes are available at the school.

The complete four-week course is the ideal learning situation to get you started on the right foot. Once you know your English grammar, daily classes will deal with different methodologies, which will present students with grammatical exercises that can be used in the classroom setting.

In order to make the teaching and learning of English grammar a more enjoyable experience for everyone, we will include group dynamics to drill on varied aspects of the language at different levels.

During the second week, students will start to take a look at teaching materials, and will consider different approaches to presenting grammatical information at different levels of instruction. Students will also learn to write up a lesson plan, as well as games and communicative teaching dynamics in TESOL.

By the third week, students will have made enough progress in the lingustics, teaching, methodology and didactics of TESOL that they will be expected to teach short lessons where they can apply the knowledge that they have acquired. . Feedback from the teacher- trainer and classmates will be an importantpart of the lesson at this level.

By the fourth week, students will be expected to have a solid knowledge of English grammar, write up well-organized lesson plans and give longer, more enjoyable lessons to the group. The teacher-trainer’s feedback and final group discussions on TESOL teaching practices will close the course’s final days.

Finding your first ESL/EFL teaching position:
Academia Falcon has an English Department, which teaches EFL to local Mexican students and we would encourage this TESOL program's graduates to consider our school as their potential, first real-life ESL/EFL teaching experience! Students can then move on to teach at one of the many language schools across Mexico. There many opportunities for teaching English in Mexico. With its proximity to the U.S, it is becoming more and more essential for citizens to speak English, most university students across the country are required to take English classes in order to graduate. The school can provide help and advice with finding a teaching position.

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