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Fear of Flying Can Be Caused By Many Untrue Myths!  by: Kari Farmer
The fear of flying affects many people throughout our world and it can be one of those things that is hard to overcome because there are so many parts to flying to be scared of! There's the..
Backpacking With a Digital Camera  by: Matt Blaschuk
When you are heading deep into the woods or off on a whirlwind tour of Southeast Asia or Europe, you'll discover that backpacking without your digital camera is a mistake! There are going to be..
Choosing An Airline For Smooth Flying  by: Joanne Ronnin
In the planning stage, it seems that going on a deserved vacation can cause nothing but stress; you know where you want travel, you decide how to get there, but you are not sure what airline you..
How to stay away from sea sickness during a cruise  by: Travel Expert
Cruise traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation, have a great time and esteem the surroundings. However, when you’re sea sick you forget about that and all you want to do is sleep. In..
Safety Tips for Travelers  by: Sunne Khurana
BASIC SAFETY RULES Search your destination; get as much information as possible about the places you plan to visit. Get yourself familiar with local customs and policy. Tips o Find travel insurance,..
The Grand Cayman Is The Nucleus Of Attraction Of The Cayman Islands: Explore Its Spectacular Beauty!  by: Lopa Bhattacharya
If you are planning to come over with your friends and family to the exotic tropical paradise of the Cayman Islands, the Grand Cayman, with its luxurious oceanfront villas and grand resorts, its..
Experience Hassle Free Flying  by: airticket
It is a good idea to book your flight in advance of your holiday, this saves time and stress later, as securing a place on a last minute deal may seem appealing, but can also cause unnecessary..
Going Abroad is Becoming Easier With Time  by: Chuck R Stewart
Traveling abroad is something everyone should try to do at some point. Getting to know foreign cultures is one of the most wonderful learning experiences. Although it can be expensive, if you keep..
Re: Taxis - an ESL teacher's best friend or worst nighmare  by: Well jaded traveler
When arriving in a new city, from my hotel room (which I always chose in the middle of the hotel area of the city), I walk to a nearby 5 star hotel. They always have a line of taxi cabs waiting in..
Secrets Of Cheap Hotel Rooms  by: Steve Gillman
When you get off the bus in the Andean Mountain resort town of Banos, Ecuador, you'll see several people quickly moving towards you. Some of them will be the actual owners of the hotels in town, and..
Hawaii. Beautiful Islands, Beautiful People  by: Alma Lazarevich
Many years have passed since the last time I was in Hawaii. I was very excited about going back to these enchanted islands, although I had the idea that like all tourist places, Hawaii might have..
Laptop Computer Extras for the Mobile Traveler  by: John San Filippo
A laptop computer certainly provides you with an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility away from the office. However there are a few extras you might want to bring along on your laptop travels:..
Tipping by region  by: reed
Tipping customs vary from country to country. Oceania Australia A 2005 Sydney Morning Herald article says that in Australia, "Tips are not expected but are appreciated, especially in the 10 per cent..
Photo gallery Australia and New Zealand  by: Sa
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Top 10 Tips For Packing Your Toiletries When Traveling  by: Linda Garrould
It is amazing how our bathroom cabinets and drawers quickly overflow with bottles, cleanser, moisturiser and shampoo. This isn't a particular problem when you're at home but you need to leave this..
Dunn's River Falls In Ocho Rios, Jamaica  by: Clint Leung
One of the ports of call for our Royal Caribbean cruiseship during the week of November 28/04 was Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Probably the most famous site in the region is Dunn's River Falls and we chose to..
The Bahamas - Uncovered *Picture*  by: John Gibb
The Bahamas is a group of over 700 islands (including some very small ones) in the West Indies. It has been an independent country since the 1970s, but it is still part of the Commonwealth and..
Cheap Flights - Top 10 Tips To Save Money On Airfares  by: Shivaun Raff
There is nothing worse than discovering that the chap next to you on the beach got here for a fraction of the ticket price that you paid. Here are the 10 top ways to ensure you get the best airfare..
What To Do Before You Go Travel Tips  by: Darlene Berkel
Vacations are what everyone dreams of as they pass through the drudgery of everyday life. Vacation is a term used in English speaking North America to describe a lengthy time away from work or..
The Fascinating Resort Spas In Asia: Your Perfect Wellness Retreat!  by: Lopa Bhattacharya
"Ways of healing need no passports or borders" This famous quote by Anthropologist Carroll Dunham aptly explains the unquestioned appeal of a spa in Asia in the minds of health and fitness..
Tips for Buying Kids Luggage  by: Tony Mocha
The best way to learn is through experience and for kids, this is very essential. One activity that offers learning through experience is by traveling. Kids will definitely enjoy field trips, camping..
Turbulence or Smooth Ride? You Decide.  by: Pat Graham-Block
Why is it that 2 people can use the same airport, the same airline and even be on the exact same flight, and have 2 totally different stories about their trip? Is it all about attitude? Well...sort..
Folding and Packing Tips for Business Luggage  by: Joan Reinbold
Reduce stress and arrive at your business destination with luggage efficiently packed. Folding and packing tips provide organization that make finding packed items easier and include the use of..
Tips For Travel - A Safe Holiday Tour  by: Yusuf Chowdury
When people are traveling abroad or worldwide, they are prone to be sick because of extra pressure they put on their body. Here are some reasons of these extra pressures: New environment and change..
How to Overcome Jetlag  by: Sarah Moore
Jetlag seems to be every traveler’s worst nightmare – especially if you’re going away for just a short while. What causes Jetlag? Jetlag is a condition that arises from crossing multiple time..
Why Do I Need a Travel Clock?  by: John Gibb
When most of us travel, we’re usually on some kind of schedule and will need a clock with us at all times. Whether it’s meetings or early flights, having a clock on hand will help you arrive on..
Avoiding Lost Luggage  by: Tom Tessin
Let's face it, lost luggage happens to a lot of people when they travel and with today's security guidelines, it's extremely hard to pack everything you want in a carryon bag. The best way of course..
Edible Souvenirs - Bringing Home a Taste of Vacation  by: Lisa Koosis
One of the high-points of vacation for many travelers is being able to sample local cuisine. Whether it's seafood on the coast or great Southern barbecue, many regions have their own specialties when..
Keeping in Touch With Loved Ones Abroad  by: Harvey McEwan
When someone you love moves abroad, whether they've left to start a new and exciting job, or have just decided to go travelling for a little bit, it can be difficult to keep in touch with them, as..
How Can You Reduce the Odds of the Airlines Losing Your Luggage When You Travel?  by: Dorothy Yamich
It is estimated that more than a million bags are lost by commercial airlines each year in the United States alone. How much luggage that get lost in the whole world is anybody's guess. Here are some..
How to Keep Your Luggage Secure in Today's Traveling Environment  by: Garrett Rohde
Have you ever had a suitcase damaged while going through airport security? Have you ever gone out and bought a lock for your suitcase only to have it destroyed while being inspected? Have you ever..
Sleeping In Style: Luxury Hotels  by: Jim Kapowski
No matter what type of vacation you prefer, there is a luxury hotel awaiting you! One of the benefits of staying in a luxury hotel is that, even if you choose a rustic vacation setting, you can..
How To Enjoy Croatia  by: Neven Grubisic
1. Why Croatia ? Croatia is the closest Mediterranean destination to central Europe. It takes 2 hours by plane from London, 45 minutes from Munchen... Croatian natural beauties are significant and..
Travel Tips - Packing your Gear  by: Lance Chambers
Packing is an important part of your pre-trip planning. Leaving something behind may not be important if you're heading off to a major destination where you can probably buy what you need. But travel..
10 Small Things To Take On Your International Trip  by: Fred Tittle
Here are some small things that you should think about including on your packing list for your next international trip. 1 Calculator, Jodie Fosters character in Contact talks about numbers being the..
Mombasa & the Kenyan Coast- Where the Sun is Ever Faithful  by: Andrew Muigai
Kenya's 480 km coast is one of the principal attractions for visitors to the country. Every year, hundreds of thousands of sun lovers find their way here. Many are returning pilgrims who truly know..
Traveling Safe when on International Business  by: Tracey Wilen
Safety is a concern no matter where you travel in the world. Of course, some countries and cities will be safer than others will, but it is always important to be alert and to keep personal safety in..
10 Tips to a Stress Free Holiday  by: Beth Tabak
“The stress-free way to enjoy the holidays is to plan, take one step at a time, and have a sense of humor.” Beth Tabak Can you feel the holiday jitters beginning? Suddenly there it is right..
Is Going On Vacationing With Jewelry Safe  by: Dror Klar
It is vacation time and it is so exciting! You are getting out all the things you plan to take with you and it will likely be too much, especially for women, it always is. There are so many things..
Buy Cheap Airline Tickets Online From Top Rated Sites  by: Andrew Bermam
The world of travel has changed over the last few years. The monopoly that airlines had does not exist anymore and now the various carriers vie with each other to woo passengers. Now apart from..