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Travel Alone And Still Have Fun!  by: Vanessa Ann Lea
You called your friend Sally and she won't be back until next week. You've emailed your cousin Ted but he's not replying. Now, you have no one to ask to accompany you to that most awaited trip that..
How to Travel Budget  by: Joan Masterson
We all want to save money and our vacations are no different. In order to save money on any aspect of your vacation you need to learn how to travel budget. It is not difficult to travel budget. The..
Is Travel Medical Insurance a Waste Of Your Money?  by: Marvin Toller
Travel medical insurance is a kind of insurance that is linked to the coverage of the expenditures made to meet out the cost due to medical reasons. In other words, it can be said that these types of..
The Best Airport Games to Pass the Time  by: Louis Jones
For all those who travel quite often to different parts of the world, airports are busy places, filled with rush, where everyone is in a hurry so that they do not miss their flight. But sometimes,..
10 Benefits Of Flying  by: Lavana James
There are a wide range of both economic and social benefits to flying but possibly the one criterion that makes flying more favourable to any other mode of transport is the amount of time it saves...
How to Find Cheap Flights to Top Destinations  by: Jeremy Foster
With the increasing cost of living these days, you need to save money whenever possible. So how can you apply this philosophy to airfare? There are many ways to obtain great prices on flights...
5 Cool Things That Make Travel Fun  by: Terry Hudson
During airport layovers on this trip I noticed a few things that I really would like to bring to your attention. Wheeled backpacks are an easy and functional way to carry travel essentials like a..
Toilet accidents on a plane - prevention and how to deal with it  by: yun li
Just in case always carry in your shirt pocket Imodium/similar and pepto when you travel by plane overseas. Also put in your carry on a clean pair of underwear, pants, shirt, socks, small towels,..
Edible Souvenirs - Bringing Home a Taste of Vacation  by: Lisa Koosis
One of the high-points of vacation for many travelers is being able to sample local cuisine. Whether it's seafood on the coast or great Southern barbecue, many regions have their own specialties when..
Tips to Help Travellers Sleep Better  by: Gisele Brosnan
While traveling, we often push ourselves to our physical limits, almost to the point of exhaustion and deprive ourselves of sleep, especially during business trips. Because of this, we may experience..
Holiday Planning Tips  by: Kurt A. Schefken
When going on vacation, it is very important to create a checklist so you don't forget essential items you will need. These items include watch, hat, camera, notebook, toothbrush, razor, and other..
Voltage Converters - Don't Fry Your Appliances!  by: Tara Pearce
Most of North and South America, the Caribbean and Japan use 110 volts at 60Hz while most European counties use 220 volts at 50Hz. This means you may need to use voltage converters to use many of..
Treat Yourself And Travel To France  by: Frank Johnson
No country embodies the grandeur of European travel quite like France. From the international artistic reputation of Cannes to the luxurious leisure of the Riviera, France has demonstrated a..
Travel Smart - How to Pick the Best Time For Your Trip  by: Sam Serio
Choosing the best time for a trip and combining it with cheap travel is an art form. It is about getting all of the factors that make any given place on Earth at its best and coming up with an..
How to Pack a Travel Suitcase in 20 Minutes  by: Roxanne Vizcayno
Packing a traveling suitcase need not be a herculean task for you. You only need to throw in your clothes, some toiletries, your shoes and a few important electronic items you will need like a mobile..
A Camping Adventure  by: Travel Expert
Low budget family vacations, mostly known as camping excursions, are great opportunities to explore nature, spend quality time with your loved ones and see as many interesting locations as possible...
Tips On How To Clean Your Dirty And Smelly Luggage  by: Alan Cassidy
Your luggage travels in different conditions. The rain, the muddy pathways and the dirty pavements can all make your luggage dirty and smelly. If you don't take good care of it, your precious travel..
What you need to know about – students travel  by: Mansi gupta
When traveling across the globe can be edgy for the adults, what to say of the students! However traveling abroad for learning or picnic can be entertaining for students too. ·The reason of your..
Frequent Flyer Miles… Let’s Earn Some Points  by: Shelly Walther
The goal is to earn frequent flyer miles. To really earn a decent amount you would have to fly all the time. Although there are multiple opportunities and avenues with which you can earn miles, you..
Quick Guide - How to Stay Safe on Your Student Travel  by: Mats Maatson
When you are student traveling you will have to put your family and friends minds at ease, therefore you have got to make sure you travel safely. Make sure you can tell everyone your travel story..
How You Can Transform Frequent Flyer Miles and Hotel Points They Earn Into Dream Trips of a Lifetime  by: Theo Brandt-Sarif
The best free room I ever had? There have been many, but one that comes to mind is the six-night stay my family and I enjoyed at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. Incredibly, there was no check-in desk. As we..
Last Minute Travel Deals- Can it Get Better Than This?  by: Adam Jaylin
When it comes to travel deals, going online is the best option available. Not that all the agents at the high street have suddenly taken a hiatus, but the convenience of online bookings has surely..
Accessible Airways  by: Martin McCauley
Accessible Airways Despite laws to ensure barrier free access for travellers as well as a noticeable increase in the number of flyers with special needs, misinformation about air travel for disabled..
Traveling cheap is not worth it  by: Ryan Fyfe
It's human nature to try and cut corners and to take the best deal whenever and whereever possible. I'm sure you've heard the expression: "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is". I don't..
perplexing but enriching Cockneys  by: Cockney Yingwen Laoshi
When we travel many of us may have some preconceived (or stereotypical) ideas of what certain countries and their people will be like. I admit that when I first came to China I subconsciously..
Maui Top Ten Tips *Picture*  by: Shannon Jennewein
1) Sunscreen is a must, regardless of the weather. Even if it is cloudy or overcast the sun in Hawaii can be merciless so wear sunscreen whenever you plan to be outdoors for more than a few minutes...
Stuck at the Airport? - Tips For Keeping Yourself Entertained  by: Andrew Carter
Being stuck at any airport is generally the definition of a nightmare - you want to be somewhere else (mostly at home with your family), but you're in a state of limbo surrounded by..
Traveling to the Caribbean Soon  by: Natalie Harding
Miles and miles of white-sand beaches that contrast with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, swaying palm-trees adorned with coconuts, gorgeous, year-round tropical temperatures, dense..
When on Vacation, Bring What You Need  by: Kurt A. Schefken
Many people recommend that when going on a vacation, it is best to pack light. In fact, traveling with a light suitcase has been a common rule for many years. It is in fact, a very common and simple..
How to Plan a Fun Affordable Family Vacation on a Limited Budget  by: Amber Jonas
Sometimes planning a family vacation can give you a tremendous headache. With the ever increasing prices of gas and airline tickets; family vacations have started to lose their appeal because they..
Six Top Tips For Long Haul Flights - How to Arrive Feeling Fresh and Ready to Go!  by: Honor Dargan
Whether you're booking long haul flights to Tokyo, South America, or another great destination, we often end up dreading the long flight ahead. Here are our top six tips for arriving at your..
How to Get Your New USA Passport  by: William Manor
A valid passport is necessary for U.S. citizens to enter nearly 80% of the world´s countries and highly recommended in most of the others as definitive proof of one´s identity and citizenship. If..
Air Travel With Children  by: Lucia Mancini
I promised myself that I would write something informative and helpful about traveling with children since we have now done Italy - Los Angeles roundtrip four times with the children. Each time I..
Book an Airport Lounge & Relax in Stress-free Comfort Before You Fly  by: Reece Coleman
Possibly one of the most stressful aspects of travelling abroad can be your time spent at the airport. Once you have checked in, you have to spend your time in a crowded departure lounge, waiting..
Safe Pregnancy Traveling  by: Travel Expert
How can you resist 9 months without traveling? Well, if you’re an adventurous woman you can’t. Therefore, exploring the world when your baby is on the way needs a lot of special attention. All..
How to Pack a Suitcase  by: Collaborator
Packing a suitcase is a strategic exercise in maximizing space and minimizing wrinkles. You might already have a favorite packing system, but here are a few more tips and tricks to utilize all of..
Discount Travel Saves You A Bundle  by: Susan Jan
Everybody loves to travel, but it is an expensive recreation for most. However, the cost of traveling should not stop anyone from enjoying himself or herself, as long you become adept at discount..
Luggage - How and What to Pack?  by: Anurag Khare
Everyone knows traveling can be a great learning experience which can broaden ones horizons and at the same time can be quite entertaining too. Planning is an integral part of any and trip should be..
Ideas to Make Your Last Minute Travel Affordable  by: Mike Selvon
When you discover that circumstances have arisen and you are in need of making last minute travel reservations, you don't need to panic. Even though there are plenty of tales of people being gouged..
How to Cope With Returning Home From a Trip  by: Matthew Kepnes
You've done it- you have traveled the world and now are relaxing at home. Pretty amazing huh? You'll have memories you will keep forever and friends for a lifetime. Now many travelers wonder what the..