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Toilet accidents on a plane - prevention and how to deal with it
By:yun li

Just in case always carry in your shirt pocket Imodium/similar and pepto when you travel by plane overseas. Also put in your carry on a clean pair of underwear, pants, shirt, socks, small towels, plastic bag, toilet paper. If you or anyone you can help have an emergency toilet or vomiting situation, have the bags handy, especially when the lav are all busy after meal time. Don't be afraid to vomit in your bags, do number one in a bottle or do number two in a bag, much better to do it on the plane seats/floor or over others. Don't be ashamed if any toilet accident ever happen to you on a plane or anywhere, it could happen to anyone, including plane captains, plane-staff and pax (passengers). Also let your fly attendants know your situation early if possible, maybe they can have ready a lav only for you during the flight. May sure you put good and clear tags names to your carry on bag in the overhead compartment, that way the fly attendants staff or anyone can go an bring it to you in case you are stuck in the lav and need to change clothing. if you have an toilet accident, the best is to let the fly attendants or anyone who knows you, they can help you to get fresh clothes from your carry on. Up to you but while you are in the lav changing and cleaning yourself, consider getting rid of (putting in the trash bin) any soiled clothing after emptying you pockets well, there is not enough water in a plane lav to wash your clothing. Also consider the plane staff and other pax and clean as much the place as you can. Never expect to find toilet tissue in any public bathroom.

Good luck and hope it never happens because: The´╗┐ only thing that is faster than a speed of light is diarrhea... You just thought about it and it's too late.

What's the most embarrassing/funniest/strangest toilet related accident you've seen or experienced?

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