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How to Nicely Pack Your Luggage Set
By:Joshua M. Smith

There are only 2 kinds of people in our planet: those who know how to pack and those who don't. Many people tend to regard packing their luggage sets as one of the easiest tasks that even George W. Bush can do that alone. Most of the rest think they do know how to pack while they actually don't.

The fact is, however, packing a luggage set perfectly is quite a tricky task. It's the art of using limited space without losing the ability of accessing. So, unless you are a very experienced traveller or you've learned and practiced the packing skills somewhere else, you are strongly recommended to read this article thoroughly and practice a few times.

Bank Robbery Packing Style vs Rational Packing Style

Remember this classic scene: A terrifying bank robbery who covered his face with a hose waving an UZI in his hand? Do you notice how he put the money into the duffel? He pointed his UZI at the clerks and threw stacks of money into the duffel without even a glance. Yeah, that's exactly the same way most people pack their luggage set. To avoid this bank robbery packing style, you should try to pack in a more rational manner. Here's some hints you can follow.

* Categorize Your Items

Before you actually start packing, remember to categorize the items you're gonna pack. Fold all your clothes and pants into the same size and pile them, put all your electronic devices in their sleeves in you've got any. If you've got fragile stuff, remember to put them aside.

* Use Inside Separators

Once you've done categorizing your stuff, next step is separating them. It'll best if you've got any luggage separator, which is design to help organizing the items in a backpack or a case. If you don't have any, just grab a couple of different sized thick plastic bags, they will do the tricks too. Then you're gonna put categorized items into different bags. Doing this is good for 2 reasons, one, you can locate and access different items quickly and easily; two, your clothes and electronic devices won't get wet by the rain or moisture.

* Adjust the Items into A Right Order

After putting all the items separately, what you will do next is putting them into the luggage. Don't think it's a simple and plain task, still there's some tricks. Make sure you put the electronics and fragile items on the put of your luggage. Sometimes you may wanna wrap the fragile things up with your clothes, in case they got broken by the fierce impacts during your trip.

* Maximize the Capacity

In some occasions you may find the capacity is not quite enough, and here's a little magic to make more space. If you are carrying an extra shoes in your luggage, you can roll your socks up and shove them into your shoes; if you've got any space bags, don't hesitate to use them; if you are carrying something which is kept in a paper box, just take it out and push the box into a flat one. When you're done this, you will find an incredible increase of the capacity of your luggage.

Packing for Abroad Traveling

Compared with domestic traveling, the packing skills are a little bit more complicated. Here's something you should pay attention to.

* Rational Packing

Only if you pack this way, can you avoid the mess caused by the impatient custom officers.

* Passport and Documents

They are vital when you are in a foreign country. Never leave them! DO NOT pack them into your shipping luggage!

* TSA-Accepted Locks

Unless you don't mind a cracked and broken lock, always use TSA-Accepted locks. Custom offices are able to open and check your luggage without damage them if you are using such locks.

* Cash and Expensive Item

That's my experience. Last time I went to Vietnam for an international academic conference, after spending 3 hours waiting for my uprights and duffel bags, I finally got them. The things in my cases have been went through completely and my Canon DSLR has gone. They didn't even give me any official explanation. So, if you are traveling with cash or expensive devices, do not pack them into the shipping luggage.

* Weight

Don't pack too much in your luggage for two reasons: it will get too heavy to carry and it will exceed the max weight and you'll get fined.

Extra Tips for Packing Electronic Devices

These days people can't go anywhere without their electronic devices. Here's some advices to keep your electronic devices safe in your luggage.

* Impact

Fierce impacts are one of the nature enemies of electronics devices like laptops and digital cameras. When you are packing them, remember to put them in sleeves with thick pads. If you don't have any, grab some clothes to wrap them up. Do pack your DLSR and lens separately, since the impact during the transportation may easily damage the joint. If you are using a upright or a wheeled duffel, always keep your gears on the top of it. Packing them into your boarding luggage is strongly recommended instead of into shipping luggage.

* Moisture

Water/moisture is another nature enemy of all kinds of electronic devices. Always use a professional waterproof bag to protect them if your luggage is not waterproof. If you don't have any professional waterproof bag, thick plastic bags will do the tricks too.

Visit to learn more travel security tips, or simply check out the travel gear from Luggageguides, which offers the best products and how-tos to assure you a pleasant journey. Joshua M. Smith, the author of this article, is a dab hand in budget travels and he has a lot of travel experience to share.

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