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How to Pack a Travel Suitcase in 20 Minutes
By:Roxanne Vizcayno

Packing a traveling suitcase need not be a herculean task for you. You only need to throw in your clothes, some toiletries, your shoes and a few important electronic items you will need like a mobile phone charger, your mp3 or laptop charger and camera accessories.

But if you are still fretting on how to tackle this task best, fear not. Here are some tips to help you pack your essentials for a few weeks of relaxation.

• Make a List

Get a notepad and a pen and list down what are the things you will need. Take into mind where you are going and how many days you will be there. Be sensible when making the list. You won't be needing a gown or a cocktail dress or even fancy shoes (unless your reason for an out of town trip is to attend a gathering for a formal event). It's advisable to bring wrinkle-free clothes when traveling. Focus more on t-shirts, and dark colored pants that you can wear everyday without washing. Or clothes that do double duty like sweatpants that you can use on mornings and even when sleeping. As for shoes, list down a couple like sneakers for walking and sturdy sandals plus a rubber slippers.

• Assemble your things

After you finish making a list, assemble your things and place it on your bed or on the table. Separate your toiletries and pack them in a spill-proof pouch. The same thing for electronic accessories. Put your shoes in their shoe-bag together with the socks and tie them up securely. The same thing goes for your underwear. It's advisable to place them in a cloth sack, so just in case your suitcase is broken, your unmentionables are secure.

• Packing your clothes

Open your suitcase. Make sure that it is clean and ready to use. Place heavier items at the back of the suitcase first like jeans and sweater, followed by t-shirts and polo shirts. Remember to fold clothes that get wrinkles easily, and clothes that are wrinkle free can be rolled to fit in snugly to your suitcase. Think like you are building a house and using your clothes as building blocks.

• Fit in other items

After you have finished with your clothes, placed your shoes, belts or ties along the sides of the suitcase. This will serve as a frame for your clothes. Place your undies inside the large pockets provided by the suitcase or you can hold them in a garment sack and packed along the sides. Toiletries must be as small as possible and must fit in snugly. Zip up your suitcase after you have finished.

Check your suitcase to make sure you have your identification tags secure. Use secure locks for your suitcase and I do not recommend locks with combination numbers. Use the old fashioned locks with keys and keep the key together with your other keys.

Roxanne is trying to write good articles for nearly 3 years and has a problem finishing her short stories due to her becoming attached to her beloved characters. Her obsession to Bleach manga and shoujo manga knows no bounds. In fact she wants to learn how to read Japanese so she can go to Japan and buy all the shoujo mangas available. So come and visit her latest websites Wbber http://www.wbber.com/ and Blogztr http://www.blogztr.com/ that are full of helpful information.

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