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Travel Tips

How to Keep Your Luggage Safe
By:Mary Ponce

There are lots of things to think about when you travel, especially on how to keep your luggage safe while traveling. You have to make sure that your transportation is lined up, you've packed everything you need, and someone is picking up your mail. Fortunately, there are some more simple tips that will help during your next trip:

1- First of all, pack your own luggage. That way, you can be sure you know exactly of what is inside your luggage. Also, don't offer to carry anything for anyone else. Many people who are just trying to be nice and help someone out end up carrying illegal objects or substances across borders and get in trouble themselves.

2- As you're packing, if you are taking more than one bag, be sure to mix things up. That is, don't keep all your socks in one bag, or all your toiletries in one bag. Double-check that you have a little bit of everything in each bag. In that way, if a bag gets lost or delayed, you'll still have everything you need.

3- Take as few valuables as possible. And those valuables that you do take should be kept in a carry-on bag, or in your purse. Keeping them close to you like that will help ensure they do not get stolen or lost while you're traveling.

4- Once your luggage is packed, don't ever leave it unattended. Even if you're simply waiting in the airport lounge and need to use the restroom, either take your luggage with you, or leave it with someone you're traveling with (that you trust). When you're staying in a hotel, determine if your room is secure, and put valuables in the hotel safe.

5- You should also make certain that your luggage is easily identifiable. The airline will put a tag on your luggage with the airline number and destination, but many bags look the same at baggage claim. You can use luggage tags with your name on them, or find some other way to personalize your luggage. Some people tie brightly colored cloths to their luggage handles, and then just look for the bright green fabric on the black bags.

6- Finally, verify that when you're walking somewhere with your luggage, everything is closed and locked securely. Don't leave zippers undone. That makes it very easy for someone to simply reach in and grab your gear, or even worse, for it to end up on the floor if your luggage accidentally bumps into something or someone.

Keeping your luggage safe while traveling is an important part of any trip. Losing your luggage or getting to your destination and finding out money or jewelry is missing can ruin a trip. But if you just take a few precautions, you can help keep your luggage safe and have a great vacation!

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