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Pubs And Night Clubs To Go To In Waikiki With The #1 Pub Crawl Party In Hawaii
By:Bridget McNamara

Hawaii during the day is full of sun adventure and beaches. There is never a lack of things to do or even a question of what to do as the weather perfect days offer endless opportunities.

But what to do at night? So many options and if you don’t know where to go you could end up wasting your money on ridiculous cover charges for mediocre entertainment and overpriced drinks. To have a truly memorable time, hit a variety of pubs and clubs, and meet other party people, the endless summer pub crawl is the way to go.

We started off at Cabanas Poolside Bar on Kuhio Ave. There we were greeted by the very friendly and fast talking MC of the night. He gave us our free drink tickets and directed us toward the bar. We enjoyed the live music played by two guys singing an eclectic variety of cover songs. The night air was cool and the sun was setting. The atmosphere was very island-like and a great way to start the evening. Pretty soon the MC jumped on the mic to let us know the food of spaghetti, salad, and bread was ready and to give us the pub crawl rules, one of which was to drink with our left hand only!

Next we walked downstairs to Nashville where the DJ was playing some country and rock and roll music. We were about half way through our complimentary drinks the MC called us to the dance floor where we gathered for the group the picture. When the picture was snapped not once but twice, he told us that we could pick up our free copy the next morning at Cabanas where we started. Then it was game time! Where Canada battled Australia to see who could suck down drinks the fastest. By the end of the competition the crowd was riled up. It was clear we had eased into the spirit of the pub crawl and the party was really getting started.

From Nashville we walked to Scruples. This was our first club. The DJ was ripping out Hip Hop and top 40 Hits and we got our dance on. People were really starting to mingle and get to know each other both on the dance floor, and at the bar. Everyone was trying to bust each other for drinking with the wrong hand which meant you had to slam your drink and buy them one as well. The results were quite apparent as everyone was getting just a little messy.

So far all the places we’d gone to had great drink specials in addition to our cover charge being waived and getting our first drink free. This was easily turning out to be well worth the price of the ticket. I was getting a buzz on and having a fantastic time with virtual strangers and hardly spending any money!

Next we weaved our way to Tsunamis which where you could take your pick from a do in the back or live music in the front. It was a nice contrast from the other places we had gone, more of a local feel. So far each bar had given us a taste of something different. It was refreshing to have such a variety.

Luckily we took a bus to the last bar or I’m not sure all of us would have made it. At this point we had been drinking for a solid five hours so everyone was pretty loaded. Needless to say the bus ride was an adventure in itself. I must admit the details of the last club are a bit fuzzy. I know that our free drink was a Blue Hawaiian, a typical island drink. I also know that we danced our tails off to straight up hip hop beats for about an hour before we decided to go back to Scruples with a group of people from Australia that we met through the course of the evening. Fortunately, with the pub crawl stamp we got in without paying the cover again.

The rest of the evening is history but I woke up in the morning feeling more than a little hung over but smiling in spite of the dry mouth. What a great night. In my pocket I not only had email addresses and phone numbers of the people that I met, but cash as well! Anyone who has ever spent any time partying in Waikiki will tell you that waking up in the morning with unspent money is a miracle in itself!


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