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The Many Ways To Obtain Frequent Flyer Miles
By:Shelly Walther

Did you know there are frequent flyer mile programs that allow you to earn miles in ways other than flying? Frequent flyer programs are not new and most people have some basic knowledge about them. These frequent flyer programs encourage airline passengers to be loyal customers of a certain airline versus jumping from airline to airline for the best pricing deals. Obviously, free travel is worth it to anyone, so those frequent flyer programs that make it easiest to earn miles are worth getting more information about.

Not every frequent flyer program is the same; although, almost every airline does offer such a program. When deciding which program to choose make sure it is clearly understood how you can earn frequent flyer miles, and make sure that you read all the information that they make available to you. What you will probably begin to realize is that you can earn frequent flyer miles without flying! Obviously, you earn more miles for flying, but there are often other avenues to earn miles through and you should take advantage of those offers as well.

For example, many hotels and car rental businesses have affiliations with airlines. If you book with a certain hotel, and rent a car from a certain car rental location, then you will receive more frequent flyer miles. Although, always make sure that the rates are comparable to other options. If they are, take advantage of those extra miles so that you can go on more and more trips. Not only that, but you can also earn points by dining at certain restaurants associated with airlines and their frequent flyer accounts.

An airline’s credit card is another great way to earn miles towards flights. Many airlines will provide their program members a line of credit to charge against. The amount of points earned depends on the airline’s defined policy on how many points you get per dollar charged.

Most people would try and take advantage of all these different ways to earn points, and earn as many points as they possibly can. More and more airlines are continuing to use these programs and improve their bonuses to keep loyalty, which is a large bonus to you. These improvements allow you to benefit overall. It is important to do your research from the start and find out all the different ways that you can earn miles so that you will be able to use your credit and airline miles wisely; always a pay-off in the long run.

Shelly Walther

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