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Customer Status And Frequent Flyer Miles
By:Shelly Walther

If you are not enrolled in a frequent flyer miles program, may I ask why not? Many different programs are out there and most of them will provide great rewards to their members. Every airline offers different benefits within their frequent flyer program. Although, this can make choosing a program a bit confusing but if you take the time to read through and understand these differences, they can mean more benefits to you. An important difference between frequent flyer programs is that of a member’s customer status.

What Is Customer Status?

Many frequent flyer programs utilize a feature know as customer status. Customer status allows them to distinguish certain members from other flyers in the program. Why does this status deserve particular attention? Because, customer status is just another benefit, or bonus, to the frequent flyer miles program that is oftentimes available. In essence, the more miles flown with that airline company, the more benefits you are rewarded. This status option is in place to help keep members loyal, and also to offer more incentives and rewards along the way.

What Rewards Are We Referring To?

Every frequent flyer program offers a variety of rewards, and a variety of reward combinations. Oftentimes, the rewards include privileges such as having access to business lounges and some of the first class lounges at the airport. Again, members also have upgrades or discounts for their tickets at no extra cost. In addition to these benefits, doubling or tripling your points can also be an advantageous benefit. Also members are often able to reserve the unoccupied seat next to them, receive priority seating and flying standby, avoid being risk of being bumped if their flight happens to end up overbooked, and even the ability to specify where they would like to sit on the plane.

All of these awards are available to those loyal customers who continually collect airline miles. Take into consideration these rewards and bonuses to determine whether or not a frequent flyer program is worthwhile. If earning miles is important, than choose a plan that will pose the greatest return. If they benefits are really the best available, they will benefit you through and through.

Shelly Walther

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