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How to Pack for a Week in Thailand
By:Elizabeth Smith

Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, is a popular destination for backpackers, retirees, families and many other types of travelers. With its lush jungles, white sand beaches, excellent food and warm weather, Thailand is an ideal spot for a week's vacation. To make the most of your time in Thailand, pack items that will make your trip pleasant and stress-free.

Prepare for the sun. During the main tourist season, Thailand is sunny and hot. Bring sunscreen, warm weather clothing and swim wear. Many travelers to Thailand pack lightweight clothing that both protects against the sun but keeps the body cool; long skirts and loose pants made of linen or light cotton are popular. For the beach, be sure to bring a large towel and a cover-up for meals and evening.

Choose natural fabrics. Thailand can be exceedingly humid, and the weather can prove uncomfortable for travelers who are not used to the humidity. Synthetic fabrics tend to intensify the effects of humidity, making even simple activities seem cumbersome. Stick to natural fabrics like cotton to ensure the highest level of comfort.

Bring appropriate outerwear. Though the bulk of your trip in Thailand will be spent in high temperatures, you may encounter a cold evening in the northern part of the country. In particular, travelers who book a trekking tour in Chiang Mai find that the evening spent in the open air can get quite cold. If you are traveling near the rainy season, be sure to bring an umbrella; sudden rain showers can occur, and you'll be more comfortable if you are prepared.

Pack light. Thailand is a major manufacturing area, and you will be able to find countless souvenirs and clothing in the many markets and shopping centers. Resist the urge to over-pack, and bring only what you will absolutely need. Thailand has a large tourist trade, so anything you forget should be readily available when you are in country. If you anticipate that you will be shopping extensively, consider bringing an extra bag to fill with purchases, or simply buy one when you are in Thailand.

Study airline requirements. When packing for a trip to Thailand, be sure to understand weight restrictions for baggage. Many international airlines now impose a fee on checked baggage. If you plan to take in country flights while in Thailand, pay particular attention to weight limits, as they may be lower than international limits.

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