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How to Learn Thai Online
By:Kristy Robinson

Thailand is a country located in southeast Asia with an estimated population of 67 million. Learn Thai online in order to carry on basic conversations while on vacation or to impress friends and family. Online learning websites can also help you brush up on previously learned Thai language skills. Most sites have audio readily available to help you learn the tones and sounds used when speaking Thai.

View the learn Thai language videos available on the AUA Language Center website. Select any level from the drop down list at the top of the page and click the "Play" button on any video. These videos include basic conversational topics through level five of the AUA mastery course. There is no charge for the videos, however they are in Thai and are best suited for someone who needs to brush up on their previously learned Thai.

Download and listen to the lessons available from FSI language courses. The files are in MP3 format and can be added to your portable music player for added convenience. This course is only an introduction and teaches grammer and pronunciation but will not teach you how to read or write the language. All files can be downloaded free of charge.

Click the link to any lesson on the Thai-language. A lesson page will open on the particular topic. There are quizzes available near the bottom of the list to help test your knowledge as you progress. Detailed tutorials are included to help you understand some language customs and the script the language is written in. These courses are free and are great for the vacationer or a business man who only needs to know a limited amount of the language.

Signup for the Learning-Thai-Podcast series by entering your payment details and biographic information. The 700-lesson course starts with beginner lessons and progresses to mastery of the language. It includes all aspects of learning the language. Each lesson starts with learning vocabulary. A lesson review is part of each course and once completed you will be able to read and write Thai as well as understand the language.

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