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How to Learn Thai the Easy Way
By:Julia Kitlinski-Hong

Learning Thai can be a stimulating and rewarding experience, and if you use a variety of online materials, it can be learned efficiently. Thai is spoken only in Thailand and in some areas of its neighboring countries, but there are many individuals who speak Thai in the U.S. with whom you can converse. Learning to read and write in Thai may seem difficult at first, since it uses a completely different alphabet derived from South Indian script. Do not be discouraged and with daily practice you will begin to grasp the basics of Thai.

Make a study plan. Set aside a time to study every day. Before you begin your lessons, create a daily lesson plan that you can follow. Think about which resources you will use in your lesson each day and plan to use a variety of different types of resources. A mix of resources will not only help you learn the grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation, but will sharpen your conversational skills as well.

Utilize a website like the learningthai site. This website is a good online resource for learning Thai through free video and MP3 downloads and lessons on writing, reading, pronunciation and grammar. You can listen to conversations that will help you improve your comprehension skills.

Learn from podcasts on YouTube. On some podcasts, you can learn the basics of the Thai language by seeing the words or phrases on the video and at the same time listening to a native speaker pronounce them.

Sign up for a language exchange program like the one at mylanguageexchange. This website will set you up with a native Thai speaker via Skype, with whom you can practice conversing.

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