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How Do I Teach ESL to Thai Preschoolers?
By:Leyla Norman

Preschoolers around the world love to play. Bring your enjoyment of teaching and working with preschoolers to Thailand and share your knowledge of the English language at the same time. Some preschools in Thailand incorporate English into their curricula. However, it will be beneficial to your job search to complete some educational requirements first, such as earning an early childhood education certification and a Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (TEFL/TESL) certification.


Earn a certification in early childhood development. Courses are available through community colleges and other institutions. This will give you the background you need to understand the development of young children. Every preschool may not require you to have an early childhood certification, but it will help you get a job even if it is not required.


Earn your TEFL/TESL certification. You can do this through many different types and lengths of courses. There is no accreditation body for TEFL/TESL certificate programs, but a good rule of thumb is to have at least 100 hours of training. Although not every school will require TEFL/TESL certification, it is a good idea to be trained to teach English to children, and it will bring your resume to the top of the pile. Your salary will also likely be higher.

Weekend workshops, conferences, online courses, Master's degree programs in teaching English as a foreign or second language, and community college certification programs are the main ways students earn TEFL certificates. If you decide to earn your certification online, be sure your program is accredited for distance learning to ensure the quality of the distance learning aspect of the course.


Search for a job teaching preschoolers in Thailand by looking on English as a second language job boards.


Contact preschool programs directly. Look at private international schools and other types of preschool programs. Send a cover letter and resume to each one that has an English component to its preschool program.


Get your passport and visa paperwork in order. Contact the Royal Thai Embassy in the U.S. for current immigration and work information.


Research the culture and what it is like for foreigners to live in Thailand. Talk to other English teachers who have lived in Thailand. Communicate with other teachers via online English as a second language teacher forums.

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