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How To Stay Safe From Crime In Thailand
By:Joe T Peters

Is Thailand safe? By many other big cities in the world, so long as you keep your common sense with you, you should not encounter any troubles in Thailand. The two most common crimes you will encounter are theft and pickpockets. This should not be surprising as the majority of the local Thai population live on less than US five dollars every day.

For the average tourist in Thailand, the most common worry is the rising number of conmen who dupe naive tourists into parting their cash.

As a preventive measure against theft, you should carry your valuables with you at all times. It is also possible to use a locker in the hotel room or your guesthouse to keep your belongings. The safest are that require your own padlock. Nonetheless there are some occasional reports of theft by hotel staff. Always padlock your luggage when leaving it in the hotel or a guesthouse room, as well as when taking it along on a public transport. Having your own padlock is also useful as an extra security measure for your room especially on the doors of beachfront bamboo huts.

There are also some reports of cases of theft resulting from overnight long-distance bus travel. However most of the reported incidents happen on cheap private run bus companies. These buses usually run from Bangkok's Thanon Khao San to places such as Surat Thani and the southern beach resorts. There are government designated stations that buses are supposed to depart from. So do not be tempted. It is best to go direct to such designated bus stations for your travels.

If you're not sure, you should also ask around to ascertain such buses.

When you're traveling on any bus or on the train, you should never keep your luggage out of sight if it contains any valuables. For your personal safety, you should be careful of accepting any food or drink from any fellow travelers you're not familiar with as it may be drugged.

Paranoiac as it may seems to be, the tourism Authority of Thailand has seen so many cases that it has to publish warnings about such crimes. Your drinks can also be spiked in bars and nightclubs, even so especially at popular beach full moon parties on Ko Pha Ngan. There have been reported cases of sexual assault on Western women. Some men have reported that Thai prostitutes may also spike their drinks so that they can steal from the victim's room.

There are very little cases of violent crime against tourists in Thailand. However low crime doesn't mean no crime. Recently, there have been reported cases of some serious attacks on Western women travellers. Every year, 14 million visitors travel to Thailand. Considering this, the statistics of such crimes are extremely low. Common sense should prevail for travelers which includes locking up the windows and doors at night. And you should not be traveling alone at night either in a taxi or a Tuk-tuk.

When in Bangkok, never risk using an unlicensed taxi. Stick to using the prominent license and metered taxis.

For women tourists, avoid spending time alone with a Thai monk. There have been reported cases of rapes and murders committed by people wearing the saffron robes. Not all men bearing the saffron robes uphold the high morality of monkhood and Buddhism.

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