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Offbeat Places to Explore in Bangkok
By:Travel Expert

Bangkok is a place for the peculiar type of traveler that dwells some of the craziest and strangest attractions in the world. Whether it’s outrageous, exaggerated and even hazardous, Bangkok certainly has it. The city is the capital and largest city of Thailand where every tourist will certainly discover the wackiest offbeat attractions to explore. Have a look at our top five and see with your own eyes which of these attractions might exceed your limits.

• Bangkok Forensic Museum
In case you’re looking for the scariest and most unusual place to start, the Forensic Museum might just do the trick. From the most peculiar skeletons to the most surreal bone anomalies, the place is definitely worth a visit. Travelers will be amazed by the variety of forensic discoveries, while the best attraction is the remains of Thailand’s 1950 serial killer who murdered a large number of children and ate their organs. For some people, this museum might seem a bit too wacky, although for others the surroundings of the place is simply fascinating.

• Royal Dragon Restaurant
Named as the world’s biggest restaurant in 1992, the Royal Dragon is more than just a simple restaurant in Bangkok. Due to its spectacular height and over 3000 people capacity, the place is absolutely staggering. Have a closer look, take a break from visiting Bangkok and climb to the top of the gorgeous building. What’s really amazing about the place is also the service system; because of the multitude of customers, some waiters will put on their roller skaters, to ensure that the food is being delivered in time.

• The Robot Building
Positioned in the business district of Bangkok, the Robot Building features one of the most peculiar attractions in the entire city. Designed in the shape of an actual robot, the construction features the headquarters of the Bank of Asia meant to dignify the high tech capacity and the innovative style of the edifice. Every traveler will be dazzled by the astonishing architecture of the place which has turned over the years into one of the most interesting and unsual attractions in Bangkok. Explore the insight of the facility, have a look at some really cool gadgets and witness the futuristic technology of the Robot Building.

• The Floating Market
In case you’re tired of walking, try on shopping from above water. Rent a small boat and head over the place to purchase everything you might want or need. From souvenirs to fruits and vegetables, from hats to traditional clothes, the place is just simple and great. Such activity is certainly innovative and unique for tourists who are opened to see the most appealing, but at the same time awkward attractions in Bangkok. Discover the simple part of the city, however exclusive and genuine for those interested to get a glimpse into the real Asian world.

• Wat Pho
And since a visit to Bangkok is not complete without a visit to their famous god, Buddha, the temple of Wat Pho is the best choice to make. Recognized as one of the oldest sanctuaries in Thailand, the place is actually a great opportunity to find out more about the culture and civilization of the people. Travel around the facility, have a look at the 46meters high statue, which is actually made of gold, and find out more about the staggering culture of Bangkok.

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