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History of Thailand, A Strong Nation
By:Nancy E Eben

Thailand History dates back to Paleolithic era. All along its past, it has emerged to become one of the leading cultural and economic centers in Southeast Asia. The story of fascinating country, Thailand is filled with religious disagreements, bloody revolution, rich tradition and other complications. Though there was high turbulence, Thailand is regarded as a popular tourists' destination and has achieved a strong political and economic position at the global level.

Thailand is also known as Sukothai. It was originally known as Buddhist religious territory and the area was divided into several kingdoms such as Lanna, Lan Chang, and Sukhothai. There is no doubt that modern Thailand emerged from the complex geographical-political origin with Bangkok as its capital and King Rama, the great, first created Chakri dynasty. During this period the history of Thailand got the name of early Modernity or Enlightenment by some historians.

At this time, major powers such as Britain and France were regularly trying their best to colonize countries in an effort to develop strong empire, but however, Thailand managed to escape from the control of these external powers. As there were very strong rulers, so it managed to preserve its independence and hence, its identity was maintained throughout the aggressive colonization. By this time, all the neighboring countries were absorbed in the influence of western civilization.

The twentieth century brought upheaval for Thailand as all the surrounding people and world class events laid their impact on the country's economy. In the early part of this century, new constitutional monarchial government was established which gave a new identity to Thailand government structure and changed the face of the country dramatically. The group of young and educated with the concept of western democracy demanded a change from absolute to constitutional monarchy and transferred the power to the constitution based system of government.

Asian Financial Crisis, which took place in 21st century was the last event and laid the notable impact on the country's economy. At present, Thailand is one of the strong countries to follow the future course. Though there were financial crises in last year, the country is still occupying leading position in economic, financial and political screen.

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